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emphasis in a sentence

91. an emphasis on cultural diversity;

92. The emphasis is on microeconomics.

93. Vives placed emphasis on memory.

94. 530 F.3d at 872 (emphasis added).

95. Emphasis or emphatic may refer to:

96. with an emphasis on the word "no".

97. EMP-emphasis. GRP- group plural.

98. with a more Libertarian emphasis.

99. (emphasis in original) is lacking.

100. pre-emphasis is 75 microseconds;

101. emphasis on the scientific method;

102. Emphasis was placed on modularity;

103. Again the emphasis was on quality.

104. Blumgart's emphasis was twofold.

105. The emphasis is on achievement.

106. Its emphasis is on description.

107. I, § 9, cl. 8 (emphasis added).

108. I cannot emphasis this too much;

109. It is similarly used in emphasis.

110. Emphasis on Chesapeake Bay area.

111. Ante, at ____ (emphasis omitted).

112. Ante, at ____ (emphasis omitted).

113. The emphasis is on graphic arts.

114. Emphasis on the SFe4 tetrahedra.

115. Emphasis on the FeS4 tetrahedra.

116. Emphasis on the FeS6 octahedra.

117. Emphasis is placed on the self;

118. Our emphasis should b on virtue."

119. the emphasis was on coal export.

120. The emphasis is on cleanliness.