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1 emphasis of current economic work is on getting the market in gear.
2 main emphasis of our research has shifted to the prevention of infection and septicemia.
3 Because our emphasis is not to reduce cooperation anywhere but to expand it both within China but also with China in third countries.
4 vice chancellor of UEA, Professor Edward Acton, said this was "not a demotion but a shift in emphasis of role" for Phil Jones.
5 Although calling people to repent, Smith's creed reflected contemporary American optimism in its emphasis on humanity's inherent goodness and limitless potential for progress.
6 It focuses on using and developing XML applications, with a particular emphasis on aspects of XML that are often misunderstood or misapplied.
7 Another point of emphasis is model integrity: that is, reducing the likelihood of ending up with a broken model.
8 emphasis on bottom-up collaboration and the broad dissemination of knowledge, the online encyclopedia is in many ways an incarnation of the fundamental values of the web.
9 At a cat "cafe," the emphasis is not on food and beverages but relaxing in the company of cats.
10 The distribution and heterogeneity of data in this context requires a strong emphasis on how to best translate access to the integrated view and how to decompose and distribute the workload.
11 Most of the tools and techniques I discuss are also a serviceable means of working with more data-oriented XML documents, but the emphasis in this column is working with marked-up prose.
12 Look at the top schools in the world, like Oxford, Cambridge, Yale, and Harvard, and they place just as powerful an emphasis on the humanities.
13 Perhaps the President's emphasis on incentives will change the minds of the law's critics, and those of reluctant lawmakers.
14 Does Hobbes' emphasis on the preservation of life as the supreme moral value, does this turn his mighty Leviathan into? A kind of commonwealth of cowards?
15 As such, the emphasis tends to be on new approaches which transcend and outperform older methods of teaching and learning.
16 Indeed I suggest that you shift the emphasis away from yourself and on to them. Are they such talented orators? Are their ideas any better than yours?
17 Always and again, the emphasis is on knowledge, on the certainty of understanding something, of knowing some fact and its meaning.
18 In Part Two of the series, the author explains why an emphasis on inputs, outputs and certain processes might hinder performance and, ultimately, project value.
19 His wife, Ida, makes appearances in the empty rooms, but she is usually painted from the back, with the emphasis on the bare nape of her neck.
20 And so they started educating their children earlier and longer, with greater emphasis on maths and science.
21 He questioned Adam Smith's emphasis on the invisible hand.
22 The authorities should also place more emphasis on using interest rates to dictate monetary policy, rather than instructions to the Banks on how much to lend, he said.
23 Germany was made to financially compensate other nations, but there was more of an emphasis on rebuilding Europe.
24 With the emphasis on defence rather than attack, it is not an arms race yet.
25 Dresses are the stand-out pieces of every Lanvin collection, so it makes sense that in clothing little girls the emphasis is firmly upon on party-wear.
26 It will also mean a greater emphasis on exports that we can build, produce, and sell all over the world.
27 Not all software development activities carry the same emphasis from one software development organization to the next, depending on the organizational structure and the nature of the business.
28 So emphasis should be put on these road users.
29 In this discussion, the emphasis is on the catalog asset, but the treatment is applicable to any asset group.
30 Part of their emphasis could be technical, teaching students how to use news aggregation services, perform data searches, and fact-check for themselves.