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embryos in a sentence

1. Growth in embryos is mostly autonomous.

2. Human embryos by Leonardo da Vinci.

3. As the name states, hESCs come from embryos.

4. They allowed use of unused frozen embryos.

5. all three embryos are "from Fatu".

6. Chicken embryos have 50 somites;

7. Fertilized eggs are called embryos.

8. this occurs in more than 90% of embryos.

9. It occurs in every 1 in 70,000 embryos.

10. Seeds are one per fruit, embryos straight.

11. Embryos develop in this mass until hatching.

12. The developing embryos are oophagous;

13. two of the resulting embryos were viable.

14. The embryos feed on yolk.

15. one to six embryos are usually found.

16. Deletion in mouse embryos is lethal;

17. The embryos were not destroyed.

18. egg-laid embryos somewhat developed.

19. Embryos feed solely on yolk.

20. Embryos initially feed on yolk.

21. many of these produced viable embryos.

22. Embryos develop in a brood pouch.

23. Her most recent book is Embryos &

24. The embryos are brooded in the burrow.

25. They also both have dicotyledonous embryos.

26. The embryos are sensitive to vibration;

27. Embryos initially feed on yolk.

28. Three embryos were used;

29. But it is active only in embryos.

30. Healthy embryos grow into foetuses.