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embrace in a sentence

61. It must embrace everything."

62. It must embrace everything."

63. as he rushes to embrace her.

64. She dies in Basilio's embrace.

65. They embrace passionately.

66. Sandy runs to embrace him.

67. Wilmore greets him by embrace.

68. Monument to Maipú Embrace.

69. Ronnie and Carlotta embrace.

70. And I want to embrace both."

71. Embrace the wings of the Void.

72. The two embrace and have sex.

73. All tracks by Embrace the End

74. The husband and wife embrace.

75. Then they embrace each other.

76. They end in a tight embrace.

77. Del and Raquel then embrace.

78. Anu and Leelavathi embrace.

79. Skin Re-Embrace (Bonus Disc)

80. They embrace and make love.

81. Stillwell and Shela embrace.

82. “I embrace the opportunity.

83. the two embrace tearfully.

84. They passionately embrace.

85. Thor and Sif embrace again.

86. Tagline: Embrace The Shadows!

87. Arnesson and Belle embrace.

88. She and her mother embrace.

89. Embrace Kids may refer to:

90. YaShang embrace your arrival!