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No. sentence
1 You have all these other family members that, all of a sudden, you have to begin to embrace.
2 It goes against our intuition, but we have to learn to force ourselves to accept, understand and even embrace that we live in a complex, very messy, very uncertain world.
3 hot summer, Yuanzhen cows can embrace coziness and coolness under free umbrage outside and in the cowshed, with the spray nozzles and electronic fan to maintain the temperature.
4 If you truly embrace the iterative approach, the number of reviews should automatically be reduced.
5 Let us together embrace the arrival of this great era.
6 Ingredients to embrace: Veg, fruit, extra-virgin olive oil, rapeseed oil, fish (especially oily), lean meat such as rabbit and chicken (no skin), skimmed milk, oats, wholemeal bread, brown rice.
7 However hedged about, Lula’s embrace of the idea that the world as a whole has an interest in the Amazon is a sign of his country’s increasing self-confidence.
8 like a candelabra, but is actually two crystal candlesticks designed to embrace and, when they do, form a heart as one. The very glass seems to effervesce with warmth and happiness.
9 As one of my friends told me "to burn fat, you need to eat fat". So don't feat fat. Embrace it. The good ones at least.
10 South America has one too, squeezed in the tight embrace of Argentina, Bolivia and Brazil.
11 Look for everyday opportunities to learn as a family — and remember to embrace the natural curiosity and wonder of your kids.
12 But increasingly, newspaper barons, not content to preside over slow decline, want to embrace the revolution.
13 As they were about to enjoy their first embrace, her husband returned home, surprised them and stabbed them to death.
14 Usually, the most confusing and doubt ridden thoughts are the thoughts you will want to embrace and dissect.
15 Too many angels have danced on too many pins as prelates struggle to embrace mutually incompatible beliefs.
16 This is perhaps why Poland has been quickest to embrace shale gas; it trusts Russia as it would trust a bear to guard a picnic hamper.
17 Allow all the painful places to come out of the shadows and embrace them in love.
18 Sometimes you should avoid tight coupling, but sometimes you should embrace it.
19 Some people embrace these limits.
20 Remember that everyone will change at their own pace, and not everyone will embrace changes like this.
21 You embrace your beloved with mindfulness.
22 When these feelings arise, you have to practice in order to use the energy of mindfulness to recognize them, embrace them, look deeply into them.
23 Eventually they came up with a strategy: if they could persuade just three of the biggest companies to embrace OS X, everyone else would follow.
24 But the rush to embrace Android means that a touch screen phone running the software can easily look like just one of many similar phones.
25 team should embrace constraints rather than despise them.
26 An optimist might wonder if Europe is about to embrace structural reform by accident: after allowing public sectors to swell, the need for swift cuts is pushing them to slash the costs of the state.
27 Ebay is perhaps the largest company to embrace the local buying trend, allowing users to filter by ZIP code to find local merchants.
28 Minimalism is, in many ways, an invitation. It is not forced. It is not mandated. It is not mainstream. But it is willing to embrace all who accept it.
29 Tell yourself you're kissing girls just to impress the boys, then begin to realize you like it, then finally embrace that there's a deep and real reason for that.
30 We need to embrace the completeness of the being of form, by more consciously and thoroughly understanding it, and not focus merely on only the consciously measured half of the story.