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No. sentence
1 The book embodies the results of his own original research.
2 Pangloss embodies the view that, if God made the world, he must have created "the best of all possible worlds".
3 But as the Shaolin monk pointed out, kung fu embodies much more than fighting.
4 slight yellow light of road lamps, every bench embodies a different mood. Merry and joy, sorrow and delight, are mingled together, brewing gradually in tranquility.
5 New Star saga embodies all the sins of its industry; charging too much and paying its managers too highly, promising performance it could not deliver and launching too many funds.
6 This document embodies the concern of the government for the deformity.
7 Apart from the value of the findings, recommendations, and conclusions you have been discussing today, I believe the report embodies great wisdom.
8 of art embodies a drama of the intelligence, but it proves this only indirectly.
9 It embodies the abilities in guessing the meaning of the words, inferring, judging and generalizing, which plays a decisive role in solving reading comprehension problems.
10 embodies the forward thinking and innovative ethos of Emirates and we were honoured to have him fly with us.
11 gatehouse, made by fine alloy plating casting, wood and plastics, consists of roof, door and doorpost with elegant features, embodies chinese traditional architectural art.
12 body embodies abstractions the best way it knows how: physically.
13 outbreak of defensiveness embodies one paradox and several myths.
14 Each building, in its own way, embodies an intense struggle over the meaning of public space in the new China.
15 I've chosen to include the above image because in some ways it embodies the beauty of just wandering around and searching for interesting photographic moments by yourself.
16 embodies the Party's fundamental purpose of serving the people wholeheartedly. It is the ultimate yardstick to guide, assess, and test all governance activities of the Party.
17 The euro embodies these aims.
18 It embodies a set of virtues - "learning and scholarship and hard work and thrift and deferment of present enjoyment for future gain" -which, he said, underpins Asia's economic success.
19 is not just about fabric or style. It also embodies a nation's culture.
20 Lincoln also embodies what Williams called the American "right to rise" -- the idea that "if you wanted to be someone, you could be, " he said.
21 The latest model of the lorry embodies many improvements .
22 When a life embodies one or more of these values (or others), and feels engaging to the one who lives it, it is to that extent meaningful.
23 This USA Pavilion embodies many of the qualities that make my country a vibrant and prosperous nation: innovation, sustainability, diversity, the free exchange of ideas.
24 Although he has a Welsh wife, this notary's son embodies traditional France more than Mr Sarkozy. And Mr Fillon has grown in stature.
25 of others are always inexplicable, but "1001 Books" embodies some structural irregularities.
26 One last thing. There is no one who embodies the qualities I mentioned more than the men and women of the United States Armed Forces.
27 Code appears everywhere in software projects, and it all embodies design, either conscious or not.
28 To most thoughtful people, unemployment benefit embodies a painful trade-off.
29 Barbie also embodies career flexibility, a valuable attribute in difficult times.
30 tower embodies the spirit and optimism of global collaboration, and shows to the world what can be achieved when communities work in partnership.