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embedded in a sentence

1. It can be embedded in R, however.

2. Embedded Control and Power Grids;

3. For example, a torus embedded in

4. Embedded Microsystems;

5. ARC was an embedded IP provider.

6. embedded Ethernet switch blades;

7. The code may also be embedded.

8. Embedded sensors.

9. Embedded products.

10. embedded security;

11. Embedded by Ann Carlson;

12. They are rated for embedded use.

13. It is embedded in a hill.

14. Embedded, Edge &

15. I embedded it in my head.

16. Embedded Systems Center.

17. Java code can also be embedded.

18. Embedded Initiative.

19. Embedded Systems Lab.

20. Scales may be embedded.

21. Embedded Technology, Energy &

22. And it's kind of embedded in me".

23. It was embedded on Gawker.

24. I embedded it in my head.

25. Embedded resource.

26. It was embedded firmly".

27. The heat source may be embedded;

28. Idols embedded in walls.

29. Half Awake" embedded.

30. TTS is embedded within a tag.