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1 Recommendations like these can be helpful in minimizing the need to perform model synchronization, but they will not totally eliminate this need, which leads us to an alternative approach.
2 When eating in accordance to our body's natural digestive cycle, we are able to more efficiently absorb and process nutrients, and fully eliminate food debris and toxins.
3 In the face of this accumulated wisdom, the question is why so many educators across the nation have, in recent years, decided that it is acceptable to reduce or eliminate recess.
4 On-demand manufacturing could eliminate that constraint, leading to a world where products are always available, nothing ever gets discontinued, and the virtual shelves are always stocked.
5 Because the percentage of fat is contained within the egg yolk you can easily eliminate the yolk from any eggs you are preparing if you're watching your waistline or cholesterol.
6 Despite the pledges of equality for all communities in the new India and Pakistan, the driving force behind the violence was to eliminate or devour the other community, writes Ms Khan.
7 Helping your suppliers, training your workers, and using TQM-type improvement tools can help to eliminate waste and improve the profits of your business.
8 If no adaptation measures were taken, these increased heat spikes would "eliminate wine grape production in many areas of the United States," the scientists wrote.
9 These are to be expected; only the experience a team acquires over time as it conducts use-case realization sessions can minimize or even eliminate these problems.
10 PV: Not that long ago, they felt maybe they could eventually eliminate their branch offices, and customers would be content to interact with them through ATM-type systems and call centers.
11 If the main (or only cause) of your bad breath, however, is the amount of tobacco you inhale or the booze you ingest, the only real "cure" will be to greatly reduce or eliminate these substances.
12 Vineyards can be sprayed with different pesticides during different growth periods of the grape, and no amount of washing or peeling will eliminate contamination because of the grape \ 's thin skin.
13 Our SINS are like blood stains that cling permanently to our clothing, and no matter what we do they eliminate them, they remain to dirty us and make us unclean.
14 To get the best end-to-end throughput, you have to employ various tools to measure performance, identify bottlenecks, and eliminate them or minimize their impact.
15 This guy badgered me about how Microsoft was going to completely change the world with this tablet PC software and eliminate all notebook computers, and Apple ought to license his Microsoft software.
16 Eliminate all redundant or unnecessary crossings together with any crossings that cannot be made safe due to crossing geometry or proximity of complex highway intersections.
17 new angle here is that a period like that will not only largely eliminate the learning you might have done, but will impair access to what happened before you started daydreaming.
18 At the same time, we should thoroughly spurn the negative ideology, such as the Fatality Thoughts that people can eliminate the disasters by praying in front of Buddha.
19 Any package in the UML code model with a name that contains period or full stop (.) characters is expanded to a sequence of nested name Spaces to eliminate those periods.
20 Environmental issues such as noise and level of alertness may interfere with learning new behaviors. After identifying what helps and what hinders, increase the helpers and eliminate the rest.
21 The above problem can be circumvented by the use of DISTINCT and one or more timestamp columns to simulate FIFO or LCFO; however DB2 will use an additional step to eliminate the duplicates.
22 That kind of comparison should in theory eliminate the base effect of comparing growth with early 2009, though not all economists are convinced by the central bank's estimates.
23 If this story must be written, we must have the courage to eliminate all adjectives that tend to excite wonder: they would achieve the opposite effect, of impoverishing the narrative.
24 DI provides yet another way to eliminate high coupling between components, because the container can inject a component at run time into a component that relies on it.
25 Frameworks seek to improve efficiency and eliminate repetition by handling core tasks — such as persistence or transactions — so you don't need to code them for each new application.
26 This step results in a very busy model with a lot of mappings, which should not be a big concern, because you'll eliminate many of them in the next step.
27 In summary, elastic data grids improve hardware utilization, reduce costly redundant transactions, and eliminate the need for a high speed disk and database used for persistence.
28 In fact, that is one of the weaknesses of traditional requirements gathering - it can never gather enough detail to eliminate implementation questions that inevitably arise.
29 This is the first major arrest in the region since the government ordered a military offensive to regain control of the northwestern valley and eliminate militants there.
30 he has 220 Army clients - some atheist, but the vast majority Christian - who are willing to Sue to eliminate the spiritual fitness assessment.