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1 Some NIEM practitioners create more formal CMTs that have separate columns indicating the kind of extension, the base types and elements, and the level of semantic alignment.
2 Storyboards describe the navigation through User Interface elements that realizes the Use Case, and thus supports the corresponding User Goals.
3 To accurately reproduce the narrative in the output document, the style sheet must handle elements regardless of where they appear, and the push model excels at that.
4 These elements can be sorted, or processed in the order they appear.
5 Line 7 declares a set named prod, whose elements are the Brute and Chanelle products.
6 major issue is that some of the innermost elements have a start tag but no ending tag, which is required for XML.
7 Yet all these elements do not have to lead to a happy ending for Europe.
8 It defines what these software elements are and how they relate to each other.
9 nutshell, you open the XML schema file, establish a database connection, and then use the mouse to draw connections from XML elements and attributes to relational columns.
10 In a nutshell, though, this grabs all the img elements in a particular div, named "images", and then finds all those images in the "preview" CSS class.
11 If the message contains user maintainable data folders in the headers like MQRFH2 usr folder then its best recommended to store the decision making routing elements in it.
12 Because our "modern" wool-bearers are extremely vulnerable to the elements without their wool, many sheep die of exposure shortly after being denuded.
13 RPC runtime provides inquiry routines for elements, groups, profiles and towers, which are accomplished by querying or accessing the name service database.
14 All the possible arrangements of the elements (vocabulary) have a specific interpretation in the domain.
15 You will mark one or more classes with the stereotype, and the stylesheet will implement them as global elements.
16 Because we spend so much time online, we began seriously thinking about what kind of browser could exist if we started from scratch and built on the best elements out there.
17 An important part of SDO is to make data manipulation easier. So once a data Graph is constructed, it is important to be able to traverse the tree and to access its elements with the SDO API.
18 Therefore, as you can see in Listing 2, I have added the and elements to each of the two operations.
19 The form elements themselves also represent objects of particular types, rather than describing what they should look like on the page.
20 If you're describing how to program GUI applications, your topics can draw on elements from both the programming and UI domains.
21 Besides showing system types and their instances, structure diagrams also show at least some of the relationships among and between these elements and potentially even show their internal structure.
22 Now that we have a feel for what the data elements look like, how do we manage them with our application?
23 In this way, you can add content from other document models inside this element, thus extending the types of elements allowed overall in the document-albeit in a specific location.
24 this knowledge you should be able to read diagrams and create your own diagrams using the proper notation elements.
25 But in some cases these elements have different definitions and purposes.
26 All those elements that would end up becoming orthodox Christianity, orthodox Christology, those can be found in the Gospel of John.
27 Dee was instrumental in having many of the foundational texts of mathematics, such as Euclid's Elements of Geometry, translated and distributed in Britain for the first time.
28 context menu should be shown only if we select two elements in the list.
29 There’s nothing between you and them — no buildings, no radios, no TV, no BlackBerry, no running water — just you and the elements.
30 However, it should be understood that this complexity provides precision in the definition of the concrete elements.