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electronic libraries in a sentence

1. However, anarchists have found it easier to create websites because of distributional and other difficulties, hosting electronic libraries and other portals.

2. The Miraewon network of electronic libraries was established in 2014 under similar slogans.

3. Its Digital Library section supports a database with more than 25,000 dissertations presented in the university, as well access to the largest electronic libraries of academic journals in the world.

4. Electronic libraries allow students access to online journals and other periodicals through the AICTE-INDEST consortium, an initiative by the Ministry of Human Resource Development.

5. Among other facilities offered at Alzahra University are electronic libraries, professional laboratories, language labs, computer labs, an art gallery, an educational center, business incubators, pool and sports facilities, food centers and a traditional Iranian restaurant, whose building dates back to over 120 years.

6. Some examples of the information that might be contained in these electronic libraries include: These on-line libraries would allow engineers to quickly develop solutions based upon the work of others.

7. Its first donor, however, was the Electronic Libraries Programme of the Higher Education Funding Councils.

8. FictionBook is the format of choice of some community-driven online electronic libraries.

9. It offers KIMEP students access to dozens of major electronic libraries and electronic resources.

10. On April 1, 2004 the "KM Online" media company, which is known for forming its own library by copying texts from the other electronic libraries, issued a lawsuit against Maksim Moshkow's Library in the name of Eduard Gevorkian, Marina Alekseyeva (pen-name "Alexandra Marinina"), Vasili Golovachov and Elena Katasonova.

11. Electronic libraries allow students access to online journals and other periodicals through the AICTE-INDEST consortium, an initiative by the Ministry of Human Resource Development.

12. The journal was established in 1995 with funding from the Jisc's Electronic Libraries programme and initially explored a subscription model.

13. There are also electronic libraries equipped with 40 computers and connected to the Internet.

14. The electronic libraries allow students to access on-line journals and periodicals.

15. It aggregates the entire electronic libraries of its founders – societies in major science and technology disciplines.

16. Additional learning support is provided by the Mississippi Electronic Libraries Online (MELO), a shared resource hosted by the MCCB that is made available to students and instructors through their respective campus networks and administered under the Distance Learning program.

17. The direct-EI LC-MS interface provides access to well-characterized electron ionization data for a variety of LC applications and readily interpretable spectra from electronic libraries for environmental, food safety, pharmaceutical, biomedical, and other applications.

18. In this case, quality is intended as a measure of the degree of success in a virtual comparison with thousands of spectra stored in the electronic libraries.

19. Ariadne was created originally as a project funded under the UK Electronic Libraries Programme (eLib), and covered topics such as information service developments and networking issues, particularly as they related to the United Kingdom.

20. Digimap started as a project under the eLib (Electronic Libraries) Programme in 1996 offering Ordnance Survey maps to 6 trial universities: Aberdeen, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Newcastle, Oxford and Reading.

21. The SPU library houses a large collection of books and provide many electronic libraries for its student.

22. The network boasted of Russian news sites, electronic libraries, search engines, and sites of commercial companies with very different specialization.

23. During the last 15 years at SRLCCE training seminars more than 5000 librarians improved their professional skills on information technologies, electronic resources and electronic libraries.

24. It was part of the Electronic Libraries Programme (eLib) which was funded by the Joint Information Systems Committee (JISC) The main team was based at Heriot Watt University in Edinburgh, with additional input from staff at the University of Edinburgh, Imperial College, Cambridge University, Nottingham Trent University, Sheffield University, Cranfield University and the IEE.

25. EIT students have access to electronic libraries and information resources necessary to achieve the outcomes of their qualifications.

26. His writings and works have been published on kulis.az, qafqazinfo.az, qaynar.info, oxuzali.az and other web-sites with stories placed in electronic libraries.

27. Were has specialised in the management of electronic libraries over the 30 years of her career in librarianship.

28. Sigrún Klara has written about 300 articles in domestic and foreign journals about knowledge management, the information society, electronic libraries, school libraries, bibliographic control, UAP Universal Availability to Publications.