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No. sentence
1 price of electronic products slump recently.
2 But they may soon need yet another bin: for electronic labels, also known as radio-frequency identification (RFID) tags.
3 Electronic computers are now in common use all over the world.
4 Known as "ACES," Raytheon's advanced countermeasures electronic system consists of a radar warning receiver, digital jammer and chaff-flare dispenser.
5 Diodes are electronic devices which rectify alternating current to direct current.
6 She bemoans the way electronic media, with their demand for spectacle and brevity, have shortened our attention spans.
7 electronic records might snoop on the health of their colleagues or neighbors.
8 With competition between traditional exchanges and electronic networks hotter than ever, the last thing he needs is questions over the robustness of the NYSE's technology.
9 Although the problem is intricate and complex, it can be solved very quickly with an electronic computer.
10 And there's the possibility, too, that all this electronic play is changing the structure of their brains, at least in some ways, for the better.
11 hot summer, Yuanzhen cows can embrace coziness and coolness under free umbrage outside and in the cowshed, with the spray nozzles and electronic fan to maintain the temperature.
12 The EU barred the use of several heavy metals and flame retardants in electronic goods in 2006 and recently proposed expanding the scheme.
13 Instead, the electronic components inside the device are coated to provide protection, leaving the device unencumbered and always guarded against unexpected accidents.
14 a frenetic meld of traditional folk and electronic music, blasted out from the pavement caf├ęs, where locals passed the evening sipping fruit tea and chain-smoking.
15 recycling of the waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) is the main way to mine the citys resources.
16 The remarkable ability of an electron to exist in two places at once has been controlled in the most common electronic material - silicon - for the first time.
17 Indeed, graphene might even replace silicon as the electronic material of choice in the future.
18 Linked together on the surfaces of silicon chips, they form the logic gates that do the calculations in computers, mobile phones, television sets and other electronic gadgets.
19 Once, when I was talking to him on a cordless telephone, we had one of those electronic drifts which such phones are subject to.
20 His product launches, at which he would stand alone on a black stage and conjure up an "incredible" new electronic gadget in front of an awed crowd, were the performances of a master showman.
21 Moreover, decisions that affect health and health care are now subject to a new form of electronic scrutiny, whereby individuals draw instant information from a range of different sources.
22 His devotion to the king was as pure as dew. he devised a new type of detector that was an electronic device.
23 For both obvious and subtle reasons, the software that animates a large, Shared display and its electronic chalk is not the same as that for a workstation.
24 To manipulate the display, users pick up a piece of wireless electronic "chalk" that can work either in contact with the surface or from a distance.
25 Consider the process of approving and paying an electronic expense report.
26 When they did go online, people were often at a loss for places to go so the Electronic Telegraph provided related links on its stories in an attempt to show people the wider web.
27 Trading is largely electronic, so it could be deducted at source, and the UK already imposes a small stamp duty on share transactions.
28 But new aircrafts are being engineered for the wireless age so you should see more and more allowance of electronic devices in the future.
29 Only now, a century later, when electronic media such as photography and video have wrested control of the vanguard from painting, is Cezanne's shadow beginning to fade.
30 A tiny electronic pad is placed onto the retina of one eye, so that the electrodes are in direct contact with the ganglion cells.