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either in a sentence

61. It may either stop here;

62. either Barton or Eastly.

63. an aisle on either side;

64. can be parsed as either.

65. I hope you won't either.

66. Either way, Sarge wins."

67. UAK can refer to either:

68. It was never either and;

69. Either could be correct.

70. it was either in or out.

71. Not by accident, either.

72. I'm not kidding, either.

73. They're based on either.

74. They're based on either.

75. Either pure or applied.

76. It's either dis or dat."

77. It may refer either to:

78. she is not there either.

79. I cannot change either."

80. These works were either:

81. [It's] either me or Uzi.

82. Tukey's test is either:

83. It's either us or them.

84. either one is possible.

85. I don't get it either."

86. I don't like it either.

87. It may refer to either:

88. Steve couldn't either."

89. either at home or away.

90. in either 1908 or 1909.