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No. sentence
1 She called Chua's description of filial devotion "twisted, " but didn't totally disagree with her either.
2 Each node can be either a branch or a leaf.
3 Ostwald ripening cannot be stopped either; however, it can be slowed if the gas solubility or diffusivity is decreased.
4 The sharks can no longer swim and either starve to death or are eaten alive by other fish.
5 The rocket/missile launch highlights this risk, but doesn't appear to have increased the chances of either event significantly, " said S&P analyst Kim Eng Tan.
6 You should either fix or remove those links.
7 For instance, some quite odd people have said, either in interviews or directly to me, that they were influenced by me.
8 So either you change your friends or live with the envy of others.
9 They don't like dense forest either, so they traverse these high, open shoulders between the river and the woods, where they can see and run.
10 The products under discussion can support you at either end of these process and modeling continuums.
11 From then on there was no further contact. The tracking system appeared either to have been switched off or to have stopped working from that day.
12 They can display a tabular view of the data alongside the chart, and clicking data points in either the table or chart highlights them in both, allowing for easy cross-identification of data.
13 He just couldn't make up his mind either way.
14 Like many of you, I get an idea, and either go for it, or not.
15 No indication, but he did not give us any indication before either," he said.
16 If not, we either continue until we reach those checkpoints or we close the project, saving time and money.
17 It either frees us or enslaves us.
18 We are not trying to push either of these models.
19 For us there is no reality nor for you either you sober locks.
20 You either make up the process as you go along, or perhaps you adapt the process to such a great extent each time that no process is recognizable from one project to the next.
21 From the measured results, we either reject the theory or confirm it.
22 In future, the cheat will either not deal with him or will do so more honestly.
23 We (yes, I said "we") tend to assume that everyone is either like us, or intrinsically aspires to be like us.
24 While they can hardly be called secrets, for some reason people either do not understand or they underestimate the power of these ideas.
25 You can set the order of the fields either by selecting the first field that you want displayed in the list, and then the next, and so on, or by setting the position as you drag and place the fields.
26 We need two new Classes at either end of the inheritance hierarchy to do this.
27 Each persona represents a role in the organization and is portrayed either by me, one of the course assistants, or an external person.
28 So if I'm going in orbit like this, I either fire my rocket like this, or I fire my rocket like this, but that is difficult enough what we do now.
29 At the end of the test, as a "reward" for their participation, they could choose either a reward for themselves or a voucher to give to a friend.
30 If they are not, something is changing in the business, either for the good or the bad and you need to dig deeper to find out what.