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1 Although unemployment is low, rapid job losses among Japan's army of temporary workers are exposing the unfairness of a two-tier Labour market and straining an egalitarian society.
2 Most foreigners still see Japan in the rear-view mirror, as an egalitarian, socially cohesive society.
3 If Sir Nicholas is such a staunch egalitarian between the future and the past, Sir Partha complains, he should be more egalitarian between the rich and the poor.
4 Paradoxically, countries with more relaxed narcotics laws, like the Netherlands, have relatively low domestic drug use — perhaps because they are more egalitarian.
5 We can only hope that, for the sake of the Venezuelan people, he figures out a way to create the egalitarian society that he so vociferously claims he has already made.
6 Is Galatians 3:28 an egalitarian statement by Paul?
7 He summarizes libertarianism, the meritocratic system, and the egalitarian theory. This leads to a discussion of the fairness of pay differentials in today's society.
8 In our sartorially egalitarian age, one doesn't need to be a blue blood or an Ivy grad to occupy the corner office or know the name of the best tailors.
9 This seemed wrong. But my egalitarian qualms didn't stop me from enjoying it.
10 Just like its egg-laying mammal, Australia defies the categorisers by being neither small-government and inequality-tolerant, as America is, nor high-taxing and egalitarian, as the Scandinavians are.
11 When conservative fundamentalists claim that America is a Christian nation, one should remember what Christianity is: the Holy Spirit, the free egalitarian community of believers united by love.
12 They dreamed of an egalitarian society, and drew up elaborate plans for them — rigorously detailed blueprints for industry, education and social life.
13 As our society has evolved into a more egalitarian and a less judgmental one women have been afforded opportunities to explore dimensions that heretofore had been generally open only to men.
14 Pubs pride themselves on their egalitarian atmosphere.
15 of the most the most egalitarian cities were found to be Dhaka and Chittagong in Bangladesh.
16 egalitarian" Japan was a creature of the 1970s, with its progressive taxation, redistribution of wealth, subsidies and the dampening of competition through regulation.
17 I believe we are at a stage where a little bit of egalitarian thinking... should guide our tax policy," Yoshihiko Noda said.
18 Professional designers reckon that the kitchen of the future will be a more egalitarian place.
19 He adopted the title, he said, because it's the lowest level of official, and it's in keeping with the egalitarian spirit of the village.
20 Private enterprise, in other words, delivers more equality than the supposedly egalitarian world of academia does.
21 names are distinct, but the technical relationship is very egalitarian.
22 Despite this, Sweden has built one of the most egalitarian societies in the world because of its large, and largely effective, welfare state.
23 Perhaps the best that can be said about meritocracy is that it offers the most egalitarian path to inequality: it gives everyone a chance to lose.
24 same egalitarian approach starts off by regarding all sources as equal, regardless of merit.
25 View, for instance, the hosts sit grouped around the same table, with the guest at the center, signaling a more egalitarian (and feminine) atmosphere.
26 's an egalitarian community of believers who are linked by love for each other.
27 likely appointment of "Prince Jean" to a job that his father once held has been the source of widespread anger and ridicule by those who see it as an affront to France's egalitarian values.
28 They are an egalitarian society so you can't just talk to the village head, you've got to talk to everyone.
29 France has grappled with this conundrum for years. Under its egalitarian ethos, it treats all citizens the same, refusing to group them into ethnic categories.
30 Given a choice, the authors find, Americans would prefer to live in a society more equal than even highly egalitarian Sweden.