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egalitarian in a sentence

1. Dutch society is egalitarian and modern.

2. It is highly egalitarian;

3. Hidalgo was egalitarian.

4. Operative: Hierarchy or Egalitarian.

5. creating an 'egalitarian' method.

6. Sessions to be an "egalitarian".

7. Semang society is egalitarian.

8. achieve democratic or egalitarian goals;

9. the island is traditionally egalitarian.

10. An egalitarian society emerges.

11. Their power structure is often egalitarian.

12. The casino was also very egalitarian;

13. He was an egalitarian.

14. This tended to make the AGQ more egalitarian.

15. The status of minority manager or egalitarian.

16. Stapfer) strong egalitarian beliefs.

17. Operating on an egalitarian basis.

18. There's a more egalitarian quality."

19. Recruitment was egalitarian;

20. Services are egalitarian;

21. Latinwo is one of Nigeria's egalitarian leaders.

22. Suri life is egalitarian.

23. The Saafi society is purely egalitarian.

24. We academics are egalitarian.

25. Yet society has not become any more egalitarian.

26. Services at City Shul are fully egalitarian;

27. It has been egalitarian and lay-led since 1978.

28. The society of the Guayupe was egalitarian;

29. The society is considered to be egalitarian.

30. — would be a glorious, egalitarian Eden.