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1 A walk down memory lane with a contemporary flair, the collection offers an eclectic wardrobe that boasts its share of relaxed trousers, knits and outerwear.
2 This article analyzes China's commercial Banks' ownership advantages, location advantages and internalization advantages in the process of foreign direct investment under Dunning's eclectic paradigm.
3 are analyses of Chinese commercial Banks' ownership advantages, location advantages and internalization advantages in the process of FDI under Dunning's eclectic paradigm in part two.
4 This year their eclectic projects will includefire-breathing robots, wearable computers, self-replicating three-dimensional printers (whatever they are) and giant motorised cupcakes.
5 I definitely go for an eclectic style in my flat; I prefer things to loosely hang together rather than match perfectly.
6 The Best Fashion Street "should offer an eclectic mix of boutique and high street, designer and high street for all clothing tastes and ages.
7 Our guests ran with the assignment, offering a range of books eclectic enough to defy categorization by the Dewey Decimal System.
8 Their reading was eclectic and included poetry, philosophy, mythology, history, science and biography.
9 During her time in America, Ms Wu has daringly expanded the pipa's range, playing jazz, bluegrass and Bollywood with eclectic instrumentalists—and inspiring numerous works from prominent composers.
10 One of my (several) frustrations in life is the eclectic way the word “science” is used in human discourse.
11 Today, many attribute the island’s eclectic population and cultural riches—Sado has more than 30 Noh stages and is known as the “Island of Performing Arts”—to the presence of these early exiles.
12 Another Tory riposte is that weirdos and eccentrics can also be found in other European blocks, all of which are necessarily broad and eclectic coalitions.
13 Wesco is a conglomerate that owns insurance businesses and an eclectic mix of operating companies, much like Berkshire Hathaway, but Wesco is smaller and less diverse.
14 Now, however, aided with new materials and advanced sensors, a promising and eclectic array of alternative and often ingenious new forms of armour is emerging.
15 Over the last two years and 14 trades, he's had an eclectic assortmentof items in his possession, including an iPod touch, various dirt bikes, aMacBook Pro, a golf cart, and a 1975 Ford Bronco.
16 Naxi ancient music" Naxi are at a long history of eclectic variety of fine cultural diversity of the art integrated.
17 The island of Eleuthera is home to an eclectic event calendar brimming with activity.
18 It was (and is) a good example of the exuberant, eclectic and downright weird forms taken by early Russian ventures into consumer capitalism.
19 If you’re a rock and pop fan, it gives you a stream of songs that is eclectic, unpredictable and serendipitous.
20 Misc incubator package contains an eclectic collection of one-task components.
21 Be sure to recruit an eclectic mix of junior employees to the team, and there's no need to fear opinionated newcomers.
22 This rather eclectic bunch is joined by about 75 other people, including former agents of the I.R.S., F.B.I., Secret Service and Interpol, and former prosecutors - all of whom work under Mr. Finn.
23 a very eclectic mix of personnel, revolving around a very reluctant monster superstar.
24 The players make all these things happen, and they more than did their parts. It's a very eclectic mix of personnel, revolving around a very reluctant monster superstar.
25 Aross the road, the Roundhouse shows it knows the meaning of eclectic, with a program that includes big-name musicians, and even circus ACTS.
26 His influences were eclectic.
27 It is an eclectic mix of Japanese tea drinking and English country garden.
28 By now Obama had abandoned the agnosticism of his father and the eclectic, pick-and-mix anthropologist's view of religion of his mother.
29 Another legal site, MovieFlix, based in Los Angeles, makes its money from independent films, student movies, straight-to-video titles and other eclectic fare.
30 Perl has always been pathetically eclectic, but until now it hasn't been terribly easy to make it work with other languages or with libraries that weren't constructed specifically for it.