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No. sentence
1 The tree tips to the east.
2 Steinbeck: East of Eden, The Grapes of Wrath.
3 red sun rose in the east.
4 Ancient farming methods still survive in the Midle East.
5 Infertility is a public health problem that affects all societies, not least traditional ones such as the Maasai of east Africa.
6 This week, we remember all the victims of al Qaeda and the courage and resilience with which their families and fellow citizens have persevered, from the Middle East to Europe, from Africa to Asia.
7 The continent faces the grim prospect of severe drought, particularly in central regions, or of being deluged by rain in the east and south.
8 Some observers expressed their concern that China would use the East Asia Summit to expand its influence in this region. Do you deem the concern reasonable?
9 Cities from Mumbai in the west to Sydney in the east - and all points between - project plans to become a "hub" or a "gateway".
10 South Korean Lee Ho Lim beat Olympic champion Guo Wenjun of China to win the women's 10m air pistol title at the 5th East Asian Games Sunday, Xinhua reported.
11 Higher prices for food and oil, as well as other "external shocks" - such as volatile capital flows from the uncertainties in the Middle East - are undermining economic confidence in Asia Pacific.
12 Penang island is known as "the Pearl of the Orient." it was once an important trading post for Britain's East India Company in 18th and 19th centuries.
13 Penang was founded as a free port by the British in 1786. Occupying a position between India and East Asia, the island drew merchants and middlemen keen to make their fortunes.
14 has gained influence in the Middle East by keeping cordial ties with Iran and standing up for the Palestinians.
15 Turkey has eight European and Asian countries as neighbours: Bulgaria and Greece on the west; Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan on the northeast; Iran on the east; and Iraq and Syria on the south.
16 Unlike recent shuttle launches to the International Space Station, which head northeast after liftoff, Ares I-X will head due east out over the Atlantic Ocean.
17 To the east and northeast, the glacier is covered by ash and other volcanic debris, giving it a rumpled, brown look.
18 bird's-eye view of China would indicate that China's terrain descends in four steps from west to east.
19 What does all of this tell us about the rise of the East and the decline of the West?
20 They then rise in the east just before dawn, again to be visible only a short while, and the cycle recommences.
21 Perhaps the bigger risk for China, and the rest of Asia, is what regime change in Libya means for stability in the wider Middle East.
22 On the day of the speech, we held several rehearsals in the movie theater located between the residence and the East Wing.
23 Waiting 24 hours allowed the Sun to rise just north of east and arc back to an exactly eastern alignment for the photo.
24 Pearl River, with its source near Qujing, collects the waters from the east.
25 The two met in Canada where she told him all she knew of the Underground Railroad in the East.
26 Arafat balked at not having sovereignty over all of East Jerusalem, including the Temple Mount. He turned the offer down.
27 of the Changjiang River rolled to the east on majestically.
28 He noted particularly the rejection of the right of return for Palestinian refugees, and the refusal to allow east Jerusalem to be a capital for a Palestinian state.
29 If you became a merchant or navy sailor then - plucked from the docks of London's East End, young and hungry - you ended up in a floating wooden Hell.
30 This river flows from west to east.