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each March in a sentence

1. Each March, Harlingen is the site of the Rio Grande Valley International Music Festival.

2. Village elections were originally held each March.

3. The Pennsylvania Maple Festival has taken place each March in Meyersdale since 1948.

4. The bonfire festival is celebrated each March.

5. Held each March, the Women's Championship was inaugurated in the 1981–82 season.

6. The ride is part of the Knox Festival each March.

7. The Durham Savoyards present a multi-day run of a Gilbert and Sullivan opera each March.

8. Another important event is the week-long carnival in Bouaké each March.

9. The town hosts a fishing competition each March.

10. Since 2016, the Society has sponsored Biophysics Week each March.

11. The team has enjoyed considerable success in the greater Kansas City Regional each March.

12. The award is given each March 24 (Mme.

13. Each March, USCHS students perform a Broadway musical.

14. The board meets each March in Fairbanks.

15. The BBF board is elected at AGMs held each March.

16. The pageant is held each March.

17. "Encore" is the annual fest of the institute which is held each March.

18. Approximately 250,000-500,000 people took part in each march.

19. Beginning in 2003, the Ramblers have gone on their annual Spring Break Tour each March.

20. It has been held annually in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina each March since 2003.

21. The championship games are held each March.

22. The championship games are held each March.

23. Each March 22 is celebrated by the citizens of Magelang regency as Mungkid's anniversary.

24. The Salon de l'Auto de Québec (Quebec City Auto Show) is held there each March.

25. Inductions take placed each March during the Florida Heritage Awards.

26. Nine of these students constitute the Executive Board, which is elected each March.

27. The Festival is held each March in Dubai.

28. It is aimed at children, families and adults and has been held each March since 2003.

29. The Fleur du Cap Theatre Awards are a red carpet event held each March.

30. It is held at the Munna Creek Hall each March.