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1 In addition, mouse dynamics is one of the few fields where biometrics can be used for continuous authentication.
2 Today, China 'economy crackles with the dynamics of change.
3 Today, China's economy crackles with the dynamics of change.
4 Both are believed to have important roles in sea ice dynamics, but how important they are remains unclear.
5 It's not hard to see how a warming Earth could change those dynamics: as the globe heats up, the top of the atmosphere should get colder.
6 For insight into fabulously complex ecological dynamics, Harvard University biologist Aaron Ellison peers into the cupped leaves of carnivorous pitcher plants.
7 Calculating the fluid dynamics of this unusual milieu is no mean feat.
8 You can also use some basic heuristics, depending upon the entire team dynamics; that is, who is going to lead the team and what is his or her level of experience?
9 Solar Dynamics Observatory caught sight of the initial explosive flare emanating from a giant group of sunspots.
10 Sibling dynamics and friendships can also change a child’s eating habits.
11 Other dynamics are nonetheless beginning to transform the continent and its relations with the outside world.
12 The dynamics of this process, as informed by the work of the winners, are of great importance.
13 The report shows a rapid evolution of flavour dynamics in the global beverage market.
14 Together they reveal desires and dynamics that in real life are sometimes contradictory.
15 this third rule added, the model accurately reproduced the dynamics of dense crowds as well as those of sparser ones.
16 Users” of the enterprise architecture are business stakeholders, most likely business graduates familiar with business dynamics, but not familiar with the engineering approach.
17 Creating attraction is based on the same underlying principles of social dynamics and female psychology whether she's a stranger in a coffee shop or a friend or a friend.
18 After further investigating the samara in order to better understand its flight dynamics, the researchers found that the winged seed is also one of nature's most efficient fliers.
19 larger lesson is that Foucault had a point: The dynamics of power can profoundly influence how we think.
20 Human aspects: There is a growing body of knowledge in the community that examines human dynamics and relationships that underpin all successful teams.
21 And he already had an acute sense of the different dynamics of these different media.
22 Core processes of epigenetic inheritance include DNA methylation, histone modification, nucleosome remodeling, nuclear dynamics and chromatin interaction with non-coding RNAs.
23 Measuring the press and release times of keystrokes is an important step to adding more robust identification features in this application designed to monitor keystroke dynamics.
24 parting of the waters can be understood through fluid dynamics.
25 decade since the commercialization of the Internet many observers have pondered what impact it will have on the fundamental dynamics of markets.
26 Though this week's news from Bonn was discouraging, any of these five dynamics could tip the balance toward a more optimistic outcome in Cancun.
27 This week, at the annual meeting of the American Physical Society's Division of Fluid Dynamics in Baltimore, Maryland, the group reported a mathematical formula explaining how wine sloshes.
28 But Sir Alistair, in his admiration for these bravura performances, and for his hero's undeniable charm, glosses over how indifferent Mr Kissinger was to the internal dynamics of nations.
29 If Darwinian dynamics can give us the flexibility to cope with new diseases, why not also the flexibility to find cognitive solutions to novel problems?
30 His wildlife research tracks the population dynamics of the Malay civet, a small rainforest carnivore in Indonesia.