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dwellers in a sentence

1. Eels are bottom dwellers.

2. The Qiang today are mountain dwellers.

3. George Bellows, Cliff Dwellers, 1913.

4. Gobies are generally bottom-dwellers.

5. The basement dwellers are unleashed.

6. Spiny dogfish are bottom-dwellers.

7. They are slow-moving bottom-dwellers.

8. Most pipefishes are marine dwellers;

9. Cliff dwellers may refer to:

10. They are sand dwellers.

11. literally "forest dwellers").

12. "'o'loolekw (= "village") dwellers");

13. no urban dwellers were reported.

14. no urban dwellers were recorded.

15. these are the dwellers of the garden;

16. undersea dwellers;

17. no urban dwellers were recorded.

18. passage users and corridor dwellers.

19. Some species are blind cave-dwellers.

20. They are tree-dwellers and eat fruit.

21. Two species are blind cave-dwellers.

22. They wore Rolex Sea-Dwellers.

23. The community has 2000 dwellers.

24. L. boschmai are bottom dwellers.

25. They are nearly all deepsea dwellers.

26. "city-dwellers").

27. They are nearly all deepsea dwellers.

28. "Cave dwellers" by Amanda Snyder.

29. They are mostly ground dwellers.

30. literally "village dwellers").