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duel in a sentence

1. The duel was quite short.

2. mace fight as duel.

3. he declines the duel.

4. Duel Masters Cross Shock.

5. Peabody demands a duel.

6. The duel is fought.

7. The duel continued.

8. The duel then ended.

9. The Duel may refer to:

10. A showdown is a duel.

11. a fine duel ensued.

12. Hai Tao chooses to duel.

13. A duel of songs arose;

14. EPISODE #28. DUEL;

15. Last Duel may refer to:

16. Duel Masters Edition.

17. Mithridates wins a duel.

18. This leads to a duel;

19. The two duel once again.

20. they have a dance duel.

21. Duel was a Republican.

22. no duel was fought.

23. they have a dance duel.

24. she won the "duel."

25. Last Duel may refer to:

26. Supergirl and Rhea duel.

27. mace fight as duel.

28. A pitcher's duel ensued.

29. The duel continues.

30. A duel was inevitable.