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No. sentence
1 We drew out the secret from him.
2 The leader drew away from the pack.
3 The film drew in large crowds.
4 She drew me aside and whispered in my ear.
5 He drew her attention to that fact.
6 I seemed to have something in my eye when I saw that, and I expect he had the same something in his eye when he drew it.
7 They drew lots to decide who should be their spokesman.
8 Eng's 2001 short film, "Bus 44," drew honorable mentions at the Venice and Sundance film festivals.
9 He drew a diagram to show us how to get to his house.
10 It is seen as an opening bid ahead of the Copenhagen summit, due to set a new roadmap for global action against climate change, but it drew mixed reactions.
11 He drew the girl tenderly towards him.
12 Penang was founded as a free port by the British in 1786. Occupying a position between India and East Asia, the island drew merchants and middlemen keen to make their fortunes.
13 I drew a life like portrait.
14 I drew him my way.
15 He drew me a map of this city, which gave me a general idea of the size of the city.
16 I drew a cartoon of a cheerleader on my paper.
17 This provided too much justification for what they were doing and so, paradoxically, afterwards they drew less.
18 Look what I drew!
19 two years, I planned and drew and designed, before completely tearing out the old and building the new.
20 I did steal your toothpaste. And you drew my tattoo, from memory.
21 They drew beautiful pictures on the wall.
22 Part of it was just for fun, so I'd play around with maps and timelines I drew, so I'm not sure exactly how long I actually worked on it.
23 The historian drew a horizontal line on the date to remember it.
24 She drew circles in the snow with her whip, and slapped it against her boot.
25 One panellist even drew a parallel with Drexel Burnham Lambert, an investment bank that went from best to bust in short order 20 years ago.
26 I jotted ideas, made lists, and to make myself feel extra legit, I even drew pie charts, just like the one you see here.
27 one frame, he writes, Hergé drew two Jews rejoicing that if the world ended, they would not have to pay back their creditors.
28 He had another argument for that which he drew from Descartes.
29 I drew him away from the crowd.
30 Her actions drew criticism from her superior.