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drags in a sentence

1. He stoops slightly and drags a leg.

2. Camilla drags his remains away.

3. Wu Song drags Lu away.

4. Lucifer drags Gabriel to Hell.

5. and drags him off by the ear.

6. Valérian drags her away to safety.

7. Valérian drags him into an alley.

8. "The War Drags On" (Mick Softley).

9. He drags her out of the car.

10. She drags the children to bed.

11. An Indian drags in Love Brewster;

12. Michael drags Dwight and Jim along.

13. ). The Count drags her away.

14. An attendant drags Renfield away.

15. His mother promptly drags him off.

16. The second half drags badly.

17. Barkha drags V.K away from the car.

18. Harper drags Sharpe to safety.

19. as Simeon drags her away.

20. Robert arrives and drags Chas away.

21. and drags it out of sight.

22. Surf, Drags &

23. The feud drags on for months.

24. Katie drags her body away.

25. Bowen drags away.

26. The creature drags off Danielle.

27. The first half drags a lot."

28. It drags on post interval."

29. Drags Aktie Company, 1953.

30. frays as Irish crisis drags on.