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No. sentence
1 He would not knuckle down under their pressure.
2 He took down a dictionary from the top shelf.
3 He took the apple and bit down.
4 The whole flock swirled down to her shoulders to peck at the apple.
5 Her tears of gratitude rolled down her face.
6 The slops she threw down sprinkled me all over.
7 here that we dossed down for our first night in the forest.
8 The policeman noted down every word I said.
9 His secretary got it down.
10 All rivers run down to the sea.
11 Let me put down your telephone number.
12 No conclusion should be drawn before all the facts are buttoned down.
13 Her passion for me has cooled down.
14 I saw tears rolling down her face.
15 The opposition plucked the Chancellor down from his high position.
16 Competition should beat the price down.
17 He looked me up and down and then asked me a few questions.
18 He ran his eyes down the page and found his name at last.
19 The country girl cast down her eyes shyly.
20 He'll need help to bring the computer down.
21 They boated down the Nile.
22 He stooped and put down his gun.
23 Pass the message down to the people at the end of the table.
24 Go down and see what they are doing downstairs.
25 The path leads us down to the river.
26 She planked down her luggage.
27 The old truck jogged us up and down for an hour before we arrived.
28 Orange juice dribbled down his chin.
29 The cat crouched down, ready to spring on the mouse.
30 Some people use their time and money badly and start at the top only to work down to the proper level of their poor abilities.