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domesticated in a sentence

1. They have not been domesticated.

2. Domesticated pets are most common.

3. Rabbits have long been domesticated.

4. monococcum (domesticated).

5. The Minoans also domesticated bees.

6. Domesticated carobs (C. s. var.

7. Domesticated birds may look similar;

8. A domesticated cat grooming.

9. Kiangs have never been domesticated.

10. In Eurasia it has been domesticated.

11. Wool comes from domesticated sheep.

12. A dog is a domesticated mammal.

13. A ferret is a domesticated animal.

14. Domesticated goat.

15. 3) domesticated profiles;

16. hens are domesticated.

17. and domesticated and wild fowl.

18. This animal is not domesticated.

19. all now domesticated.

20. It has not yet been domesticated.

21. Squirrels are domesticated.

22. The zebra was never domesticated.

23. The dog was domesticated early;

24. Domesticated barley is present;

25. It has not been domesticated.

26. It has not been domesticated.

27. It has not been domesticated.

28. It has not been domesticated.

29. It has not been domesticated.

30. Domesticated turkeys appeared.