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No. sentence
1 Kurzweil yields no ground there whatsoever. He does not see any fundamental difference between flesh and silicon that would prevent the latter from thinking.
2 We judge a person not by what he says but by what he does.
3 value of a book does not depend from its size.
4 Of course, being vegetarian does not protect you from growthagents in watermelons or fake grapes, so many of the new-wave vegetarians goorganic as well.
5 If it does that then you gave it the BPEL file in the samples instead of ours and you need to start over.
6 But how does the server know where and under what name the file gets saved in the library?
7 The playwright does something remarkable in this scene, but without any impression of straining after an effect.
8 They hope to cultivate a new strain that combines all these merits but does not have the defects.
9 the other hand, we know (or so he says) that "if we go, so does everything".
10 So based on initial impressions, what does this program do when you run in it? Yeah?
11 Does that metal pit after contact with acid?
12 But since nobody can design the perfect user interface, there is no guarantee that the new design does in fact fix the problems.
13 traditional antenna does not actually change length, however.
14 Work does not stop for the day until all the cattle are safely penned in.
15 How does it stand towards my past?
16 The device does have one significant drawback, however.
17 Some people eat bread with their meal, but not everyone does.
18 The UNHCR says it does not think camps are the best solution for these displaced people, but it realizes there are no alternatives for many of them for now.
19 Korea's newly appointed unification minister, Hyun In-taek, told reporters Wednesday North Korea does seem to be preparing to launch a missile, but not right away.
20 To prove that the new method actually does as stated, you will construct a simple application that only highlights the components needed for this function.
21 common view that drinking makes you forget about things and impairs your learning is not wrong, but it highlights only one side of what alcohol does to the brain.
22 Why does the person not appear?
23 In this particular program, doing buffer handling in this way does not affect the execution time significantly, and in some data sets, affects it negatively.
24 US law does not require labels unless the composition or nutrient value of the product is significantly changed.
25 THREE weeks of sailing in the Mediterranean, even during a poor summer, does wonders for a tan.
26 I'm not sure I've ever seen a talk swing between humor and brutality as rapidly and powerfully as Chris does in this talk.
27 This means a lot more than reading manuals, for we all know that reading a manual does not make anyone an expert.
28 The script does have some limitations.
29 It does have some limitations on value and key lengths, but those are easily adjustable in the code.
30 Yet while liberals have cheered the result as a mark of social progress, it does not necessarily augur plain sailing for the al-Sabah family that has ruled Kuwait since the 18th century.