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No. sentence
1 We have been force-fed the doctrines of self-esteem for so long that most people don't really view themselves as sinners worthy of divine wrath.
2 The author analyses the traditional three doctrines of corporation, and believes that the nature of the corporate should not be rigidly persevered in one theory, for the sake of daily practice.
3 His doctrines have seduced many into error.
4 would have put me, if not run me out, but they would have that kind of excommunication halo over me, because they figured out I was going too far and violating some of the doctrines.
5 Hobbes tell us he would banish all doctrines that profess to make the individual or the sect, more importantly in some ways the sect, the judge of the sovereign.
6 In his 1791 "Report on the Subject of Manufactures", he quarrelled with the free-trade doctrines of Adam Smith and other liberal economists.
7 myself, it is because I reject the factual basis of the central Christian doctrines that I consider myself an atheist.
8 This is why you cannot base anything on me: nothing of the conqueror lasts, not even his doctrines.
9 literature is based on this fallacy, and, as so often happens with doctrines of this sort, it has become part of an intricate network of fallacies that mutually support each other.
10 All such doctrines are equally stupid and futile.
11 The lack of such leaders may also be the hallmark of a largely post-ideological era in which far less need is felt for unifying doctrines or the grandiose figures who provide them.
12 These doctrines have not simply been refuted or replaced or historically superceded; they remain in many ways constitutive of our most basis outlooks and attitudes.
13 iniquitous doctrines with which they poisoned the minds of the masses, he argued, were representative democracy, the division of state powers and alternating government.
14 evangelical Anglican, because he was trusted by the larger evangelical world –endorsed by Billy Graham –introduced a whole generation to a sovereign God and the doctrines of grace.
15 And when these envoys heard his doctrines, especially with regard to faith in Christ removing the need for Christians to follow Jewish dietary laws, all hell broke loose.
16 ideas of a Divine Man incarnating, dying and being reborn, were already popular mystical doctrines in these communities, and it was not hard to replace Mithras or Osiris with Christ.
17 You', I replied, 'have no doubt been here for some time and continue to embrace somewhat antiquated doctrines.
18 some, this suggests that the church might well need to take a position of reverent agnosticism regarding some doctrines that it had previously proclaimed with excessive conviction.
19 She broke Mary's ties with Rome and restored her father's independent Church of England, i.e. keeping to Catholic doctrines and practices but to be free of the Papal control.
20 there were doctrines of absolutism that originated with jurists early.
21 is in Paul's letters that we first find the doctrines of Christ's divinity and vicarious atonement (the Gospels would be written later, when Paul's ideas had become prevalent among Christians).
22 The church believes in "continuous revelation", so its doctrines can evolve.
23 In particular, Hobbes faults the universities for teaching what, for teaching the radical doctrines of Aristotleanism in the seventeenth century.
24 In a world of doctrines and positions, he was impossible to box.
25 They honestly believe those same doctrines will protect them in the next depression.
26 French Revolution peopled the land of France with ten million property-owners that we can, without danger, allow these doctrines to appear before us.
27 There is no doubt that the use case analysis technique is essential to RUP as it supports one of its key doctrines -- risk-mitigating, iterative implementation.
28 When he came to explain with me upon the doctrines, I found several conundrums which I objected to, unless I might have my way a little too, and introduce some of mine.
29 only class ideologies, i.e., doctrines adequate to the special interests of the thinker's class that are implacably opposed to the interests of all other classes and their members.
30 Not all defence doctrines recognize the existence of justifications of disobedience.