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1 Just as the Bible is the guidebook that reflects the doctrine and creed of Christianity, your life handbook is your map towards living your best possible life.
2 air force has adopted a doctrine of "counterspace operations" that envisages either destroying enemy satellites in a future war or temporarily disabling them.
3 Pakistan's generals say their new tactical weapons will meet a threat from India's Cold Start doctrine, adopted in 2004, that calls for rapid, punitive, though conventional thrusts against Pakistan.
4 Unconsciously, we often employ the marginal cost doctrine in our personal lives when we choose between right and wrong.
5 God be thanked, that ye were the servants of sin, but ye have obeyed from the heart that form of doctrine which was delivered you.
6 Certain purists may insist that all these actions were illegal and illegitimate, but the actual practice of international relations matters more than legal doctrine.
7 Jaki clearly affirms that in Christianity, a slide into pantheism was prevented because the doctrine of the creation was bolstered up by faith in the Incarnation.
8 doctrine of surplus value is the cornerstone of Marx's economic theory.
9 If Mr Bush had a doctrine it was his belief in preemptive war, enunciated in the National Security Strategy of 2002 and enacted in Iraq the next year.
10 Religious scholar and philosopher, Augustine produced works, principally his Confessions and his City of God, that are classics in both the philosophy of religion and Christian doctrine.
11 Therefore, I do not think we should go in for complete skepticism, but for a doctrine of degrees of probability.
12 Yet the doctrine also insists that areas cleared of insurgents should be held firmly, so that those who co-operate with Western forces and the Afghan government do not face retribution.
13 doctor 's doctrine undid one dollar and a dozen of collars.
14 his refusal to allow U. s. forces to seek "regime change" in Libya further underscored that his new doctrine carried strict limits.
15 It's too bad, then, that these days you're not considered serious in Washington unless you profess allegiance to the same doctrine that's failing so dismally in Europe.
16 Its new military doctrine paints NATO, and particularly its enlargement, as the biggest threat to Russia.
17 And they were astonished at his doctrine: for he taught them as one that had authority, and not as the scribes.
18 they were astonished at his doctrine: for his word was with power.
19 cosmos and all the specific laws which govern it do not form a self-explanatory system; they point beyond science and call for a metaphysical foundation in the Christian doctrine of creation.
20 India, in turn, espouses its own "Monroe doctrine", demanding that outsiders keep out of its backyard.
21 in the Hobbesian doctrine of sovereignty, or the Hobbesian sovereign, to have a complete monopoly of power within his given territory.
22 Yet there is a danger when overzealous souls misuse a doctrine like divine sovereignty to deny God's sincere offer of mercy to all sinners.
23 Whereas Newton spent the majority of his life researching alchemy, or Christian doctrine, Dirac was obsessed with his equations, despising subjects such as philosophy.
24 People cling to continuity and to their privileges, but nobody is clinging to the doctrine.
25 The universities are the fountains of civil and moral doctrine and have the obligation to teach the correct doctrine of rights and duties.
26 On a deeper level, Israel is confronting the problem of how to adapt an old and familiar military doctrine to changing times. That doctrine is deterrence.
27 high priest then asked Jesus of his disciples, and of his doctrine.
28 Thinkers and politicians should admit the conflicts, Berlin implied, and not blanket them with doctrine or tyrannically attempt to subordinate some concerns to others.
29 For example, he notes that agents in undercover police and intelligence work lack written doctrine on how to deceive and rarely subject any existing doctrine to rigorous scientific inquiry.
30 It is difficult to analyse Freud's doctrine of psychoanalysis.