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No. sentence
1 He turned them into goddesses and they both received divine honors.
2 The word hero comes from the Greek ἥρως (hērōs), "hero" (literally "protector" or "defender"), particularly one such as Heracles with divine ancestry or later given divine honors.
3 Poppaea was given a sumptuous state funeral, divine honors, and was promised a temple for her cult.
4 Divine honors he also vetoed, stating that this was in accord with her own instructions.
5 The Rhodians granted divine honors to Ptolemy as a result of the lifting of the siege.
6 After she died, Ptolemy II and later Ptolemy IV Philopator decreed divine honors to her (Theocritus, Idylls xv. and xvii.).
7 After the disastrous Battle of Lake Trasimene in April 217 BC, Juventas, Hercules, and the Genius Publicus were excluded for a time from divine honors, as they were not felt to have been efficacious.
8 He also foreshadowed these later rulers in being one of the first Greek rulers to be given divine honors during his lifetime, and he made innovations in military technique, such as siege engines, which became a standard feature of warfare under Alexander the Great and later generals.
9 The general Eumenes suggested that divine honors be given to Hephaestion, this was later done.
10 Malchuto was introduced by the rabbis during Roman rule as a counter to the claim of divine honors by Roman emperors.
11 She was given a state funeral and divine honors, and entombed in an as yet unidentified "Tomb of the Julii".
12 When the statue, on its journey back, arrived at Rhodes it was given divine honors.