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1 Anarchists may be motivated by humanism, divine authority, enlightened self-interest, veganism, or any number of alternative ethical doctrines.
2 God legislates and divine authority is supreme.
3 The principle of Heaven (Lǐ 理 or Dào 道), is the order of the creation and the source of divine authority, monistic in its structure.
4 Although some of the debates may seem to various modern students to be over a theological iota, they took place in controversial political circumstances, reflecting the relations of temporal powers and divine authority, and certainly resulted in schisms, among others that separated the Church of the East from the Church of the Roman Empire.
5 Consequentially, it asserts that a monarch is not accountable to an earthly authority (such as a parliament) because their right to rule is derived from divine authority.
6 It implies that only divine authority can judge an unjust monarch and that any attempt to depose, dethrone or restrict their powers runs contrary to God's will and may constitute a sacrilegious act.
7 Certainly there was conflict between Matthew's group and other Jewish groups, and it is generally agreed that the root of the conflict was the Matthew community's belief in Jesus as the Messiah and authoritative interpreter of the law, as one risen from the dead and uniquely endowed with divine authority.
8 Since antiquity, various dynasties or individual rulers have claimed the right to rule by divine authority, such as the Mandate of Heaven and the divine right of kings.
9 This can take the form of supreme divine authority above the state's, granting a tool for political influence to a priesthood.
10 However, the Torah is still held as mankind's record of its understanding of God's revelation, and thus still has divine authority.
11 Mormons thus believe that their Church is the "only true and living church" because divine authority was restored to it through Smith.
12 Magistrates who held an augurate could claim divine authority for their position and policies.
13 The Westminster Confession of Faith speaks of "the infallible truth and divine authority" of the Scriptures.
14 God responds that Job is not the center, Yahweh is; His kingdom is complex, He governs on a large scale, and has the right to exercise divine authority;
15 Charged with the preservation of his people by divine authority, Aeneas is symbolic of Augustus' own accomplishments in establishing order after the long period of chaos of the Roman civil wars.
16 Rationalist emphasis on the natural and popular were the antithesis of Habsburg elitism and divine authority.
17 he did not consider himself just Sayyid Kāẓim Rashti's successor, but claimed a prophetic status, with a sense of deputyship delegated to him not just from the Hidden Imam, but from Divine authority;
18 His early texts, such as the Commentary on the Sura of Yusuf, used Qurʼanic language that implied divine authority and identified himself effectively with the Imam.
19 A mistranslation is not God's word, and no human authority can invest it with divine authority.
20 The second Canticle was written in 1952, between Billy Budd and Gloriana, on the theme of Abraham's obedience to Divine Authority in the proffered sacrifice of his son Isaac.
21 The Eze Nri managed trade and diplomacy on behalf of the Nri people and possessed divine authority in religious matters.
22 Javanese kings claimed to rule with divine authority and the Dutch helped them to preserve remnants of a Javanese aristocracy by confirming them as regents or district officials within the colonial administration.
23 The main difference was that in Persian culture the concept of kingship was indivisible from divinity: divine authority validated the divine right of kings.
24 The LDS Church teaches that the often heated proceedings of such councils were evidence that the church was no longer led by revelation and divine authority.
25 In a sense, it is divine commandment without divine authority.
26 Protestant princes would justify this by claiming divine authority;
27 Sunni Islam and Shi'i Islam, due to their divergent beliefs regarding the persistence of divine authority, have different views on ijtihad and the qualifications required to achieve mujtahid.
28 One of his dissertations was a defence of the antiquity and divine authority of the vowel points in Hebrew.
29 Rather, they saw the written Torah as the sole source of divine authority.
30 McPherson opposed both Communism and fascism as totalitarian rule divine authority.