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1 Yet the very diversity of its USES highlights one of the barriers to the development of the technology: they all have to be put together in a bespoke fashion.
2 The point: Diversity of hardware and software is not an obstacle.
3 Numbers are not the only reason to care about nature but they do capture one reason to value diversity.
4 Thus, they have few clues as to why this diversity exists.
5 For the poorest farmers, the diversity of life may be their best protection against starvation.
6 All these new inhabitants of the news ecosystem have brought an unprecedented breadth and diversity of news and opinion to the business.
7 how do we resolve our differences at a time of increasing diversity?
8 But the atlas has revealed a startling genetic diversity; different slabs of cortex are defined by entirely different sets of genes.
9 The Commission, while stressing its supporting role behind EU member states, says it regards respect for linguistic diversity as a core value of the European Union.
10 Environmental diversity is something to be resisted, not celebrated, since it masks the character of the grape and makes it difficult to produce a consistent product.
11 But more than that, this unusual planet is more proof of the diversity of the universe-and it makes those dreams of diamond planets a tiny bit more plausible.
12 Losses at all these levels had roused enough concern by 1992 for an Earth Summit in Brazil to produce the Convention on Biological Diversity treaty.
13 A meeting of the Convention on Biological diversity in October in Japan is likely to declare that targets to halt biodiversity loss by this year failed and set tougher new aims to halt the problem.
14 Increasing human-induced disturbances and habit fragmentation have jeopardized the biological diversity of the world.
15 Americans acknowledge that in diversity is our strength. We learn every day that other cultures and peoples may make valuable contributions to our way of life.
16 Not yet law, the code stresses tolerance and respect for diversity as cornerstones of Dubai’s success.
17 The difference today is that we have the technological capability both to preserve linguistic and cultural diversity and succeed at business.
18 Little is known about the botanical diversity of the region, and regional capacity for research is limited.
19 project has been long in fruition. It was first proposed at the International Botanical Congress in 1999 and adopted by the Convention on Biological Diversity in 2002.
20 don't get genetic diversity with clones,” said Sean C. Lahmeyer, a plant conservation specialist at the Huntington Botanical Gardens in San Marino, Calif.
21 In the industry of diversity, similar catalog pattern abounds in.
22 Coral reefs, whose profusion of life and diversity of ecosystems make them the rainforests of the sea, have suffered most of all.
23 The Laurissilva includes a wide diversity of plants, including a number of rare ferns and flowering plants.
24 Researchers believe this could account for the fact that humans have less genetic diversity than other species.
25 How the astounding complexity and diversity of human cultures sprang from the much simpler traditions found in animal communities has remained a puzzle.
26 If this were a Fortune 500 company and they looked at these statistics they would have a diversity committee working on this immediately" she said.
27 They help us grasp the diversity of life on the planet.
28 A world of peace and solidarity can only be accomplished by acknowledging and celebrating our diversity.
29 This diversity can increase the costs of discovering, comprehending, and reusing other authors' artifacts.
30 They come from different places, and their backgrounds and beliefs reflect the rich diversity of America.