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No. sentence
1 I recently spoke with Chris Shelton, the president of AES Energy Storage, about the opportunity in energy storage, and he says it is more diverse than one might think.
2 Zhaotong City, a jurisdiction in 10 counties, due to the golden sand river, Kraal Jiang rivers such as the vertical and horizontal cutting, stand in cliffs, deep-Qing, climate and diverse.
3 To borrow his words, all EU countries are now linked by exchanges, markets and supply routes to diverse and far-flung places.
4 Software applications must satisfy a diverse set of stakeholder needs, and consequently, the models describing these systems must likewise be complex.
5 Many believe that as time passed and matter cooled, more diverse kinds of atoms began to form, and they eventually condensed into the stars and galaxies of our present universe.
6 ecologically diverse wilderness-where prized coffee is grown-is rarely trekked by Jamaicans, let alone foreign visitors.
7 The menu eco-friendly and diverse , a potato and eggplant salad made with White House grown arugula.
8 Here one can taste pepper, cornel, ashberry, currants home-distilled vodka, various pickles, lavish and diverse food, and fresh quail eggs.
9 Zuckerman and his team traveled to places as diverse as Qatar and Pittsburgh and photographed about 90 species of birds.
10 I averted my eyes from the diverse advertisements for the invert converter.
11 diverse forms assumed by thought in the realm of slang, even song, even raillery, even menace, all partook of this powerless and dejected character.
12 the upper surface of carpet composes into picturesque landscape, and the space beneath the carpet accommodates diverse public activities, the thickness of carpet becomes the housing itself.
13 Fresh, leafy vegetables are part of a healthy diet and are grown under diverse conditions and marketed both locally and globally to provide year round availability to consumers.
14 The outlook has a weaker grip in southern Europe, but it is resisted most strongly by a diverse group of nations that includes the United States, Ireland, South Africa, Cuba, Saudi Arabia, and Iran.
15 Nestled in a harbour along the Black Sea, Odessa is one of Ukraine's most diverse and atmospheric cities.
16 Providing museum visitors with a diverse range of art from around the world promotes inquiry, tolerance and broad knowledge.
17 America is so vast and diverse that invites me to explore it. If you are willing to work hard, then the opportunity abounds.
18 They recommend starting early in the project lifecycle and holding a use case workshop with a diverse group of participants that includes a variety of skills and knowledge.
19 Caro often works in steel, but also in a diverse range of other materials, including bronze, silver, lead, stoneware, wood, and paper.
20 The witness to these fulfillments are too many, too diverse, too subtle and too interwoven into the history of the New Testament church and its many writings to be fabricated by some great conspiracy.
21 Previously, scientists had viewed RNA as simply "the slave molecule between DNA and protein, " as Sharp puts it, or in spliced form, capable of generating a great number of diverse proteins.
22 The researchers also chose to pool information from a "large, diverse" sample of U.S. hospitals, as earlier studies on single institutions produced findings that may not be broadly applicable.
23 Assentor File System Manager creates policies on the process of retaining messages and attachments as well as optimizes and allocates resources across diverse platforms.
24 is about common formats for integration and combination of data drawn from diverse sources, where on the original Web mainly concentrated on the interchange of documents.
25 A new study reveals that the variety of skull shapes among domestic dogs has become just as diverse as the variety between other mammal species, such as bears, weasels, and seals.
26 Also, because the environment during which the deposits formed is not well understood, scientists are not sure how diverse they will be.
27 Hoping to illustrate its diverse enrollment, the University of Wisconsin at Madison doctored a photograph on a brochure cover by digitally inserting a black student in a crowd of white football fans.
28 The diverse components of the new, merged business must then integrate into an effective organization and supply chain.
29 Dr Lovis and his colleagues note that "the physics of planet formation is so diverse and complex that we do not expect any universal rule on planet ordering to exist."
30 Navy is seeking to counter the diverse electronic weapons, communications and enemy air defenses that our warfighters may face in the future.