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No. sentence
1 our opinions diverge from each other.
2 Although the two boards are close with respect to accounting principles, they diverge on actual rules regarding how to recognise bad debt and book changes in the fair value of loans.
3 This requires steady effort over time to expand the areas where we cooperate and to narrow the areas where we diverge, while holding firm to our respective values.
4 When paths diverge: a 21st century marriage typically comes after both spouses are established in their jobs.
5 Eventually, as code and models diverge more and more, the models will become obsolete, and the code will become the specification as well as the implementation.
6 what a victim is looking for in an apology is particularly important when victims' and offenders' worldviews diverge,' they added.
7 They diverge from the narrow focus that we have for the business so we discard them.
8 It's in fact easier to find opinions that diverge from Planck's.
9 Unless we're in touch with our customers, our model of the world can diverge from reality.
10 BOLT may elevate translation to a new level by providing multi-turn bilingual complex conversation that does not diverge from context.
11 Everyday as you come and go you begin to develop two fresh paths that diverge off of the worn river path that you use to get to the building.
12 result, potential output can temporarily diverge from its underlying trends, making it even harder to estimate.
13 Rand Paul takes far less pride in hisiconoclasm than his father does, and where his ideas diverge from theRepublican mainstream, his messaging is savvy.
14 Figure 10 shows the completed Members list for the sample project, as well as the ScrumMaster in case the permissions diverge in the future.
15 Bazaar manages revisions and can diverge and merge to create and collect branches, respectively. Here are some of the key concepts in Bazaar.
16 Opinions diverge in a series of articles around this issue.
17 Now their fortunes will diverge much more.
18 But why should it not be possible for the Clintons to rediscover a mutual affection 30 years in, just as their public lives begin to diverge?
19 All the same, the urge to diverge will be an even greater risk than conformity.
20 After a while, the branches diverge so much causing the platform to become too specific to a certain operating system or product, or even causing the loss of a common underlying model.
21 is here that the mating habits of the white-fronted parrot and Homo sapiens diverge.
22 difference is one of style, and Turkey will continue to diverge from the United States if Washington tries to realize its vision with hard power instead of the soft power that Ankara wields.
23 Human head lice are related genetically to lice on chimpanzees, and the two species began to diverge as humans and chimps diverged.
24 The Chinese scholars diverge in their definition of misjudged ease and misjudged criminal case, which counteracts turning theory into judicial practice.
25 standards diverge wildly. NCLB's main goal, for all pupils to be proficient in reading and maths by 2014, is unrealistic.
26 But with the renminbi not freely convertible and China's stock markets isolated from international capital flows, valuations diverge widely.
27 In sympatric speciation, species diverge while inhabiting the same place.
28 But the effort is coming as South Africa wrestles with its own strategy, which could diverge significantly from Washington's.
29 As society continues to diverge from that evolutionary past, the economic and social consequences of being such a misfit may become increasingly important.
30 The SEC and CFTC diverge on several issues, including standards for reporting large trades and for quoting prices on SEFs.