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1 I'd like to negotiate about the distributional plan with you.
2 with tradition, the Treasury included, along with staple fare on the public finances, an analysis of the distributional effects of its tax and welfare measures.
3 Objective To compare spacetime distributional patterns of sudden death and mushroom poisoning in Yunnan.
4 Tax increases do not have a significant effect on the likelihood of unrest, however, which suggests that distributional issues play a role in inciting public ire.
5 Not surprisingly, studies that try directly to measure the distributional consequences reach divergent conclusions.
6 The third part: dividing the burials of Ubaid-culture period Mesopotamiainto three separate distributional territories.
7 reallocation of workers across sectors, generating income growth for the world as a whole, even if you have distributional effects along the way.
8 Galbraith and Kotlikoff both worry above all about the distributional effects of taxing and spending.
9 In the short run, policymakers must focus on measures with the biggest bang-for-the-buck, that create jobs and kick-start growth, and that take distributional considerations into account.
10 Furthermore, political decisions are typically taken on the basis of the distributional consequences - which groups will be advantaged - rather than the overall welfare of society.
11 He said that we should think of — When we think about distributional justice we can think of it as a risk management problem.
12 Most important, it points to reconsidering how policy makers deal with trade's distributional consequences.
13 That might have been justified if the distributional costs of trade were indeed small and short-lived. But now that we know they are big and persistent, it looks unconscionable.
14 elevators and distributional stairs take up the middle section of the structural grid, made of stone tiles with steel elevators.
15 More concretely, you will implement and analyze a method for clustering words based on their distributional properties.
16 Organizational justice is thought to consist of distributional justice, procedural justice, and interactional justice in which they are both differential and related.
17 This dissertation is based on the theory and literature review of the distributional effects of public pension.
18 Besides the distributional requirements, you are free to pursue your own interests. There is no restriction in your choice of subjects other than your major-such a flexibility in class shopping.
19 distributional requirements are the only specific rules limiting the selection of courses outside a student's major program.
20 is difficult to establish the validity of any distributional assumption, and this is a common criticism of random effects meta-analyses.
21 Based on the principle of hierarchical analysis, the deltaic front is divided into 5 hierarchies, for which the rock types, its distributional characteristic for each interface are analyzed.
22 No longer was economic policy a matter of weighing trade-offs between competing goals of productivity and distributional justice, of growing the pie and slicing the pie.
23 PAMS is a framework designed to help policy analysts simulate the poverty and distributional implications of macroeconomic shocks and policies.
24 It is also found that trade openness and FDI have differential distributional effects.
25 reform of colleges' salary distributional system is one of the powerful impetuses to promote the fast development of colleges and it is a very important aspect of college internal reform.
26 This dissertation intends to provide comprehensive analysis of the relationship between pension and distributional effect.
27 careers selections tend to formal employment, tend to the posts of distributional effects, tend to developed areas;
28 The system takes advantage of both, computers and can realize high rate communication in tight coupling style, by using bus period stealing and distributional memory sharing.
29 Then we discuss the composition, the principles and the realization ways of the distributional CAN bus-based monitoring system for the sequential turbocharging diesel engine test bed.
30 In this paper, it is indicated that Nei Monggol area is the distributional center of the genus Pulsatilla in China.