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1 Otherwise, Chiquita sends bananas to several distribution centers, where they are stored in "ripening rooms" designed to reactivate the ripening process.
2 But he was not deterred. He kept a level head and ensured distribution of aid was fair and that people did not collect handouts just for the sake of getting something.
3 Like the distribution bin, the overflow bin is also represented in rows.
4 screen shot in Figure 5 below shows the graphical representation of a frequency distribution and shows a highly skewed set dominated by a pair of values.
5 One is to sell a "distribution" - essentially selling the packaging of a bunch of software as a bundled solution.
6 not be easy to jump from the familiar, lucrative terrain of bundled pay-TV into an a la carte world of apps and digital distribution.
7 Because the prices of distribution usually is high, in general I recommend to avoid SOA where you can avoid it.
8 To balance load distribution, you can migrate the load from the source nodes (which have surplus workload) to the comparatively lightly loaded destination nodes.
9 Others wonder whether the distribution of food can be monitored closely enough to ensure it gets to the hungry, not the military and power brokers in Pyongyang.
10 To ensure fault tolerance and high availability, WebSphere eXtreme Scale shard distribution algorithms ensure that the primary and replica shards are never in the same container.
11 Last time we looked at the notion, last lecture we looked at the idea of a distribution.
12 This allows quick distribution of application contents to each of the nodes in the cluster so that each node runs the same applications.
13 With the classic proxy server, you can configure the plug-in routing file generation and distribution Settings at the cluster level.
14 The aviation industry used GDS - the Global Distribution System - for decades, because there were computers in travel agents, airports and airlines across the globe.
15 So if we just plot this distribution, of course it's easy to do, it's just a decaying exponential.
16 In solving the convection diffusion equation of aced concentration distribution, the in-fluence of commomn ion effect has been taken into account.
17 Based on the data sets from TOMS and SAGE II, the anomaly of ozone low center over the Tibetan Plateau in 1998 has been analyzed both in its variation process and in its vertical distribution.
18 devising a strategy for storage allocation and distribution based on the business value of data, the theory went, we could reduce quantities of expensive high-end storage and thereby shrink costs.
19 Consider only the most important columns for the most important queries that have selection predicates for these distribution statistics.
20 The distribution and heterogeneity of data in this context requires a strong emphasis on how to best translate access to the integrated view and how to decompose and distribute the workload.
21 A closed package copies all the files from the source host and places the content on a central distribution serve.
22 It offers developers a way to not only build application on the cloud, but to build applications that they can charge users money for through a direct distribution model.
23 tagging items and containers with tiny chips that can be interrogated wirelessly from a few metres away, companies would be able to streamline their distribution and delivery systems.
24 The forth chapter introduces the design of circuit diagram of the automation equipment of distribution substation—net instrument. It elaborates the function and composes of main parts.
25 Currently, many business users spend too much time collecting, combining, consolidating, and distributing data when they use spreadsheets as their primary information distribution system.
26 Open packages can be used during the development and testing phase, but use closed packages for final distribution to production.
27 Such threats include the marketing and distribution of tobacco products, and the international spread of emerging and epidemic-prone diseases.
28 I get aggravated by advertising during the flight, " says Memphis-based frequent flier Trey Block, the chief financial officer of a chemical distribution company.
29 Different solubilizers were used to study the distribution of photosystem I complex on the thylakoid membrane and different concentration of separation gel was used for PSI DOC-PAGE.
30 This architecture merges event processing services with the SOA information access and distribution architecture [5].