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1 Details of the procedure for detection of artificial ripening of fruits have also been distributed to state authorities.
2 At the end of the Transition phase, the project is evaluated against the following criterion: the method has been distributed to the practitioner community, and the practitioners are satisfied.
3 cost of such distributed generation systems, Mr Shah says, has fallen by half in the past decade, and they can be set up almost as fast as diesel generators.
4 But again, it all depends on the product, and how it is distributed.
5 Farmers collect drinking water distributed by the local government in the drought-hit Luliang County of Qujing, Yunnan province March 20, 2010.
6 They seized the land and distributed it among the peasants.
7 The relief agency distributed food among the poor.
8 Distributed text, or hypertext, on the other hand supplies a new role for readers — every reader codetermines the meaning of a text.
9 We are determined to set up a complete, rationally distributed scientific and technological research system.
10 Any of these techniques work very well with small teams on a single platform or large teams distributed globally targeting all the platforms.
11 Aside from being a great breakfast side item, it can be chopped up and sprinkled onto a homemade whole wheat pizza, or distributed in a salad to add some meat to the concoction.
12 Hibernate Shards does not provide support for distributed transactions within a non-managed environment.
13 Dee was instrumental in having many of the foundational texts of mathematics, such as Euclid's Elements of Geometry, translated and distributed in Britain for the first time.
14 The system required to deliver a vaccine is called the “cold chain,” so named for the set of facilities that keep a vaccine cold as it is distributed from the manufacturer to the people who need it.
15 Even if they allow multiple physically distributed instances of services, there is one abstract definition for each — managed by the organization as a whole — and a common implementation.
16 I say "one or more" because there can be thousands of objects that implement the same interface in a distributed system.
17 Mango is distributed as proprietary software and hence Microsoft has the legal rights to make any changes to the operating system.
18 And even then, they were an add-on pack distributed separately.
19 Unanswered questions and confusion about the status of defects are the last thing distributed teams need, because uncertainty invariably leads to costly delays and bugs that slip through the cracks.
20 In Part 1, we introduced the concept of a transaction processing monitor (TPM), a program that coordinates the execution of distributed transactions on behalf of an application.
21 He therefore concluded that memories are not stored in any single area of the brain, but are instead distributed throughout it.
22 Depending on whom you ask, Web services are simply an incarnation, a generalization, or a reinvention of distributed computing.
23 Where possible, tasks were subdivided and hours were distributed among two or more developers to increase productivity and reduce overall coding duration.
24 While companies have been establishing distributed organizations for some time, their motivations for doing so, as well as the way they distribute work, continue to evolve.
25 target location could be either a centralized location, such as data warehouse, or another distributed place on the network.
26 Given the massively diffuse nature of these data stores, the challenge is for organizations to discover, access, and effectively use distributed information.
27 This year, the crab association distributed 15 million plastic tags to certify their crabs were the real thing.
28 You need to configure all the JNDI names used by your distributed applications in every node of the cluster.
29 distributed and heterogeneous nature of SOA makes it particularly prone to failures, causing exceptions at multiple levels [3].
30 fuel is so precisely dosed and so accurately distributed in the combustion chamber that only minimal amounts of fuel are needed.