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No. sentence
1 A game where you have to catch plummeting factory employees, oversee underage miners and distribute smartphones outside a store with a white pear logo on the front?
2 Using auction to distribute pollution permits can not only internalizes the exterior problem of environmental pollution, but also adjust the contorted market price.
3 When you have multiple user table Spaces and multiple devices, consider the application logic to distribute the workload as evenly as possible among these devices.
4 Because none of the copyright holders made an effort to distribute these clips themselves.
5 can then distribute your custom components, or you can move them from test to production.
6 They discovered this by injecting fluorescent dye into leaves to see if the vein network could distribute the dye to all parts of a leaf that had been damaged.
7 As a creator of a work, you keep your ownership while allowing people to copy and distribute your work.
8 While companies have been establishing distributed organizations for some time, their motivations for doing so, as well as the way they distribute work, continue to evolve.
9 The distribution and heterogeneity of data in this context requires a strong emphasis on how to best translate access to the integrated view and how to decompose and distribute the workload.
10 These restrictions translate to certain responsibilities for you if you distribute copies of the software, or if you modify it.
11 A graduate student at Harvard formed an organization to distribute similar knits in South Asia.
12 Problem is, as anyone who's been around the block once or twice realizes, few companies ever actually liquidate themselves and distribute all their value to shareholders.
13 Event producers publish events to event channels that distribute the events to subscribed event receivers.
14 takes power to gather water, purify water, and distribute water, especially in places like southern California where water is piped hundreds of miles to supply Los Angeles' sprawling demands.
15 Joaquin says that Firefox has created a rich environment for the company to distribute its add-on, but the company is now hoping to gain additional momentum from other browsers.
16 Mr Slim longs to use his phone cables to distribute pay-television (in which he has become the biggest player in the rest of Latin America), but the government won’t allow it.
17 You can create your own high availability policies to define where each active instance should run by default, and thus evenly distribute the active engines across the various cluster members.
18 Documents are stored among the directories at the leaf level using a hashing algorithm to evenly distribute files among these leaf directories.
19 Unlike the music and video sales, podcasts are based on open standards, assuring that it's easy to create, edit and distribute the podcast content.
20 The Commission includes global experts on health, education, housing and economics, whose work is to identify, evaluate, adapt and distribute effective strategies to address social determinants.
21 The relief agency will distribute the food among several countries.
22 If you register for a newsletter, post to a blog, or contribute to a forum, consultation, or conference the Bank will not share, sell, distribute or rent your information to anyone.
23 To distribute stress uniformly, trees add wood at the heaviest load points. Bones remove material from areas where it isn't needed to lighten skeletal frameworks.
24 He and his followers argue that bringing down the cost of laptops, and persuading governments in developing countries to buy and distribute millions of them, could have enormous educational benefits.
25 Whether you want to add some radical way to distribute new packages or just an interesting wallpaper, you can change things as much or as little as you want.
26 In theory, you could have several organizations and organizational units. And you could distribute the responsibility for supporting and maintaining those organization certifiers.
27 You can configure the Event Service to write all Event data to a Datastore and or to distribute the events to other JMS Destinations.
28 Coloring the skin may sound simple, but nature requires at least 25 different genes to synthesize, package and distribute the melanin pigment that darkens the skin and hair.
29 Third, these devices will change the way companies distribute physical sales and training documents such as books, manuals, and reference materials outside corporate walls.
30 For scalability reasons, such as allowing for very large data sets, or simply for resilience, you might want to distribute the data across many JVMs.