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No. sentence
1 No one knows what the surprise at the next corner is, a snack bar with distinctive delicacies attracting continuous flows of customers?
2 Like any gang, they mercilessly take the piss and have even started to speak the same: Hammond now seems to echo May's distinctive way of saying "I wuz" and "becuz".
3 farm plans to hold a competition to name the creature, which has black-and-tan stripes and a zebra's distinctive large head.
4 you detect the distinctive odour that most people \ 's urine acquires after eating asparagus?
5 The things that addict us all produce a very distinctive breakdown in the organization of our preferences, actions and choices.
6 As you approach, the distinctive signature brownstone style town-homes at road level are shaded by tall palm groves enhancing the affluent and intimate neighborhood ambiance.
7 As you approach, the distinctive signature brownstone style town-homes at street level are shaded by tall palm groves enhancing the affluent and intimate neighborhood ambiance.
8 But they may be as distinctive and marvelous as the much-studied, much-celebrated wings of butterflies and beetles.
9 Elderly Li women with their people's distinctive spidery blue tattoos on their faces and legs weave garments on simple lap looms and offer them for sale.
10 Therefore, to boost company profits, we should now switch to advertisements featuring a distinctive song.
11 other distinctive feature of this screen is the rounded rectangles.
12 The problem with such newspapers is that, although they do much that is excellent, they do little that is distinctive enough for people to pay for it.
13 This poem has the distinctive flavour of a ballad.
14 But its distinctive white shawls remain a potent symbol of the quest for justice in Latin America.
15 Glasses filled to the rim with mint, and a healthy helping of sugar, stand ready for the preparation of Morocco's distinctive green tea.
16 TQM of higher education institution is a completely new model of quality management. It naturally has distinctive differences from the original system of education quality management.
17 Some cats appear to have markings that are not suited to their natural stalking grounds.The cheetah, for example, has a distinctive spotted coat but lives in the sparse deserts of sub-Saharan Africa.
18 But if you just try to make good things, you'll inevitably do it in a distinctive way, just as each person walks in a distinctive way.
19 For us, each memory peg is a distinctive feature of our memory Palace.
20 Being subtle, shopping carts can also be highlighted with a distinctive color which sets it apart from the overall design of the site and makes them more recognizable.
21 And taking more and more species from an ecosystem raises concerns that the swamp, woods or pond will lose its distinctive traits, becoming something else, in a form of system-level extinction.
22 Within minutes we were passing the distinctive yellow exterior of the Sarajevo Holiday Inn, the place of refuge for journalists covering the siege between 1992 and 1995.
23 The new, smooth and distinctive Budweiser Black Crown.
24 Like other beers, Budweiser is known for its distinctive bottle and label, both of which remained largely unchanged since 1876.
25 China's long history, vast territory and extensive contact with other nations and cultures have given birth to the distinctive Chinese culinary art.
26 A refined exception system is one of the most distinctive advantages modern programming languages offer.
27 Yaks graze in the pastures, and the large, two-storey houses all have the same distinctive style: they gradually taper up to richly coloured and detailed eaves.
28 of how friendly Marxs unforgettable choruses, trademark ballads, and distinctive vocals can be. My Own Best Enemy is a welcome return for an artist who truly never left his craft.
29 All of the 290 rooms seemed to have been gutted by the fire - yesterday only a concrete skeleton with a distinctive zig-zag spine remained.
30 All across town, stores sell Moutai's distinctive white bottle, and chemical vendors shamelessly hawk additives that can turn run-of-the-mill homemade spirits into liquid gold.