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No. sentence
1 Until recently, this small fold of tissue in the middle of the brain was depicted as neatly divided into four distinct areas.
2 In a mosaic or a tapestry, each color is distinct and adds to the overall beauty of the object.
3 This leads to two distinct patterns you should be concerned with — the managed resource pattern and the managed task pattern.
4 Humans produce about 50 distinct types of smiles but there's one distinction that really matters: between real and fake.
5 This way, a user is differentiated from another test user based on the distinct data requested from all of the test pages.
6 I want a distinct answer to my question.
7 great [Carolus] Linnaeus, a century before, working from dried samples brought back from China by earlier explorers, concluded that the two were distinct taxa: Thea viridis and Thea bohea.
8 Inside there was a distinct odour.
9 The two green and pink morphs were confirmed as distinct species, but King's group found the pink morph can be further subdivided into three species.
10 What sets this type of enterprise apart is that it caters to two distinct groups of customers and each sort benefits the more custom there is from the other sort.
11 However, if there are many duplicate rows per distinct index value, and the associated table is highly clustered, the added costs of joining through the index can be slight.
12 are culturally distinct from the Malays though some who venture out into the towns and cities have been known to become assimilated with the Malays through marriage.
13 Sediments carried by the Mississippi river have a pale beige coloration in this image, with distinct margins between plumes that likely mark tidal pulses of river water into the Gulf of Mexico.
14 The ray quivered to and fro, making her figure dim or distinct- now like a real child, now like a child's spirit- as the splendour went and came again.
15 photograph showed a distinct image.
16 type of injury to the fibula is distinct, however, allowing differentiation of the two mechanisms in most instances.
17 Then there's the smell wall, where you can sniff a few wines that have a distinct aroma.
18 the blackcaps split into two distinct groups. One goes to Spain to nosh on fruits and olives, the other heads north to take advantage of the easy English pickin’s.
19 A distinct eye appears at the center of the storm, not far from the coast of northern Mexico.
20 There're also some major problems for Cartesian dualism, one of them a famous problem uh, how can two such distinct substances interact at all.
21 Breaking up may actually not be hard to do, say scientists who've found a population of tropical butterflies that may be on its way to a split into two distinct species.
22 Researchers only realised that the breed living on the islands of Borneo and Sumatra was a new species - distinct from clouded leopards living elsewhere in Asia - in 2007.
23 But different applications, or distinct instances of a single application, can be placed in different memory Windows and consume more of the available physical memory on the system.
24 them pay serious respect to coffee by serving only fresh-roasted and freshly ground beans, distinct blends and single-origin roasts.
25 Austria "s mountainous terrain led to the development of many distinct German dialects."
26 Until then, Lewis will repeatedly check the weather forecast - the area is tented in the case of rain (a distinct possibility this year).
27 This is achieved through the use of larger font sizes, clearer spacing and distinct colours to aid the usability of common tasks.
28 Silk is distinct from rayon in every respect.
29 Each of them is mediated by a distinct condition of brain chemistry.
30 Some are awarded to very distinct groups, meaning you may be one of a handful of candidates who qualify.