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No. sentence
1 Decision makers on both sides appear to have concluded that their trade disputes can be managed without undermining the entire U.S.-China relationship.
2 Goering took his side when disputes arose about translation and, in the trial itself, often winked at him.
3 of our class had to reconcile disputes among the students.
4 Pyongyang agreed last year to disable its nuclear facilities in exchange for aid, though disputes have continued over implementing the deal.
5 As well as border disputes on land, China pursued maritime and island claims with Japan, and also laid claim to a great swathe of the South China Sea stretching down almost to the coast of Borneo.
6 A country must want to join, it must be given strict conditions for reforms, it must settle disputes within and on its borders and it must see the promise of membership as genuine.
7 Italy alone has had disputes with not only the Getty Museum, but also the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, and the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston.
8 Some sharp disputes remained involving the new police force and the schedule and method of putting arms beyond use.
9 His term of office saw him regularly scoop 20% pay rises. But the scion of us lumber and rubber barons faced disputes with workers who took action when they were offered pay rises of just 1.5%.
10 The World Trade Organisation will rapidly wither as a negotiating forum for new rules; it may eventually lose its legitimacy as an arbiter of trade disputes, whereby the old rules are upheld.
11 First, the broad, systematic view illustrates how various claims in search engine disputes can serve as functional substitutes for each other.
12 China believes that there are rights and wrongs involved in the disputes between third world countries.
13 I worry that scandals like this - or like the disputes about microfinance in India and Bangladesh - will leave Americans disillusioned and cynical.
14 IF ONLY all disputes over the ownership and integrity of precious and ancient objects could be circumvented in such a neat way, and with such a benign result.
15 Disputes concerning blockades and neutral trade could escalate into ugly confrontations with neutral states.
16 A burly soldier with red hair admits that he has a bad temper, which leads to disputes with his spouse.
17 We have renounced the use of force to settle our disputes.
18 Most villages have a sirha, or shaman; a wise-old man who, when asked to mediate important disputes, falls into a trance and consults the local gods before advising on the best course of action.
19 But no one disputes his great influence on the science of mental health.
20 But will disputes over the trade deficit be solved if the yuan is appreciated?
21 That will lead to currency crises and cross-border disputes like the current spat between Iceland, Britain and the Netherlands over the bill for compensating depositors in Icelandic Banks.
22 But it only provides for the resolution of disputes over pre-existing contracts.
23 As he says, such clashes are not new: patent disputes and get-rich-quick hype have dogged the battery business since its inception.
24 Mr Obama likes to duck the thorniest disputes, for example by leaving it to the National Institutes of Health to decide what kind of embryos can be used in federally-funded experiments.
25 Industrial disputes are not the only issue bothering BA. More than 20 years after privatisation, it is still struggling with the legacy of state ownership.
26 I don't think anyone disputes that faith played a role in our history. But it's a stretch to say that it played the role described by David Barton and Peter Marshall.
27 One day, it might become a forum for settling disputes.
28 However, old disputes are far from eradication, regional turbulences happen occasionally and hotspot issues fall and rise.
29 International disputes and hotspot issues should be settled by peaceful means. The international community should strongly oppose the willful use or threat of force.
30 About a month ago, I had a discussion with a friend in us studies on emerging Sino-US disputes in the climate change conference at Copenhagen.