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No. sentence
1 Vietnam demanded that China release nine Vietnamese fishermen it arrested in September near another group of disputed islands.
2 A Republican presidential candidate loses the popular vote in a disputed election, but wins the White House after months of partisan wrangling. It's not a lie - history does repeat itself.
3 details of what she the suffered are disputed. But she was abducted in a car, ending up hundreds of kilometres away.
4 If you continue to violate the very guidelines that are in place, 50 percent of the disputed amounts will be deducted, ” says Mr. Feinberg.
5 But the results have been disputed and since then, a wide range of modern tests have been unable to explain the markings on the cloth.
6 Israel plans to build nearly 700 new apartments in disputed East Jerusalem, defying demands by the United States and the Palestinian Authority for a freeze on settlement construction.
7 We disputed with each other on various issues.
8 Olson teamed up with David Boies to argue the case, bringing together the two litigators best known for representing George W.Bush and Al Gore in the disputed 2000 election.
9 Mir Hosein Mousavi, widely thought to have bested Mr Ahmadinejad in the disputed poll if votes had been fairly counted, called for a big turnout.
10 French scientists spliced GFP into a white rabbit's genome; Chicago artist Eduardo Kac claimed it was his idea, though scientists later disputed that.
11 violence has raised concerns among Israeli leaders who fear that settlers' resistance to leave their homes in disputed areas may jeopardize the peace process.
12 However, the credibility of the ETH as an explanation for abductions is disputed by most psychologists who have investigated this phenomenon.
13 It disputed the government's claim that foreign passengers travelling on a spaceship or space station were involved in a transfer of technology.
14 Japan and China signalled the end of a row that began in September when a Chinese fishing boat hit two Japanese patrol vessels near a disputed group of islands.
15 As American forces withdraw from Iraq, Turkey is seeking to avert a looming conflict between the Arabs and the Kurds, especially over the disputed city of Kirkuk.
16 The plane was preparing to land at Guelmim military air base in southern Morocco, near the disputed Western Sahara.
17 He discoursed through the night with his disciplines, and disputed with certain heretical teachers.
18 agreed in principle to jointly develop gas fields straddling the disputed boundary, but no deal was done.
19 The United States and Palestinians say Israeli plans to build hundreds of new apartments in disputed East Jerusalem and the West Bank violates the roadmap which calls for a settlement freeze.
20 Other reports, however, disputed that the bureaucrat said this.
21 After savoring an official celebration with fireworks and pounding drums, Mr. Zhan, 41, promptly vowed to return to the disputed waters.
22 Other politicians have voiced fears that a disputed result might leave a power vacuum, which could be filled by the armed forces or by Mrs Arroyo's staying on.
23 Some evolutionary biologists believe that natural selection can favor groups of people, not just individuals, but the idea is hotly disputed.
24 Broader contention over the disputed seas could unsettle ties between Asia's two biggest economies.
25 Ukrainian government, unlike Georgia’s, controls all of its own territory and harbours none of the region’s “frozen conflicts” over disputed enclaves and exclaves.
26 North and South Korea exchanged artillery fire along their disputed frontier, raising tensions between the rivals to their highest level in more than a decade.
27 Michael never disputed about what to do with the body of Moses after Moses died according to our Bible.
28 A ministry spokesman told AFP that underwater firing drills would take place close to Baengnyeong, the nearest island to the disputed maritime border with the North.
29 But in 2008 and 2009 growth slumped, first because of widespread tribal violence following a disputed presidential election and then as the global financial crisis took its toll.
30 Israeli police moved into the Arab neighborhood of Sheikh Jarrah in disputed East Jerusalem and forcibly removed more than 50 Palestinians from their homes.