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No. sentence
1 This code should display on one line in the file.
2 Ubiquitous devices, including smart phones, display far more than a few seconds, but they can't be rolled up like a newspaper.
3 By default, only the dialog area of the screen is transformed for display on the device.
4 They can display a tabular view of the data alongside the chart, and clicking data points in either the table or chart highlights them in both, allowing for easy cross-identification of data.
5 You then output the information either dynamically or into a static HTML file to display it.
6 Retrieving the peer certificate is necessary if you wish to either display it to the user or verify it either against the host name or the certificate authority.
7 So voluminous is this collection, which ranges from paintings and scrolls to ancient porcelain and statues, that only a fraction of it is ever on display at once.
8 If not, the body of this tag will display on the page.
9 In this case, it will offer to create a class field I, a local variable I, or a method parameter I; clicking each of these Suggestions will display the code that would be generated.
10 To display the page where the entry is located, click the linked text in the entry (either the entry itself, or its number).
11 With your request complete, you create your display and load your font.
12 Chilled and frozen meat products require an uninterrupted cold chain during storage, transportation and display and have a short shelf life.
13 It will go on display at the Guardian and Observer newspapers' Newsroom exhibition centre in Farringdon, North London.
14 Do you ever find yourself unable to walk past that local chocolate shop or mesmerized by the chocolate figures in the window display?
15 For example, if you decide to display help information as a tool tip rather than in a separate window that would open by user request, the tool tip might not be accessible to screen reader users.
16 You can execute both data definition language (DDL) and data manipulation language (DML) statements, and obtain and display the results using this tool.
17 Because this result is held in an integer variable, a message to display the value should use a formatting code to pad to four characters with leading zeros for codes that are numbered less than 1000.
18 As you have seen, every report has a unique path that can be used to display it in a browser.
19 Once you have this metadata object ready, you can use the metadata and messages in that object to validate data input and display messages.
20 Application code is best developed by the programmer; how to display the proper text is the job of the linguist.
21 It makes PCs harder - if not impossible - to upgrade, and it means if one component breaks - a graphic card, or the display - the whole thing's got to be hauled in to repair.
22 These are network-situational-awareness systems for dismounted units, complete with a helmet-mounted display screen that uses GPS digital-mapping-display technology, Fuller said.
23 A tiny feathered "thumb," the alula, improves flight control. The protruding shaft on the first wing feather makes a loud, rustling sound—adding acoustics to the visual display.
24 The protruding shaft on the first wing feather makes a loud, rustling sound—adding acoustics to the visual display. At Peabody Museum of Natural History, Yale University
25 flexible form of the display makes it much more portable that any current mobile computer - it will shape with your pocket.
26 chat with an employee reveals that my store gets shipments on Mondays and Fridays; produce and frozen foods come in Monday morning and are on display by early afternoon.
27 But her hesitation was only for an instant, though long enough to display a scarlet letter on her breast.
28 it. The display clearly shows 'Minimum Volume, ' and yet the speaker crackles on with 90 decibels of eardrum-piercing sturm und drang.
29 Each product has three links after it so we can see how the product looks when we display it, edit the item, or remove it.
30 You can see from the above representation, that during display there is only one character.