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disperse in a sentence

1. disperse the meeting!"

2. Spawn disperse over a large area.

3. The protesters did not disperse.

4. They then disperse widely.

5. Spiderlings disperse aerially;

6. Young birds may disperse locally.

7. Even young birds disperse widely;

8. Then let the whites disperse."

9. Then they disperse to evangelise.

10. Disperse hair growth.

11. The spiderlings then disperse.

12. They soon disperse.

13. The teens disperse.

14. Let us disperse."

15. the needles failed to disperse.

16. It is able to disperse by e-mail.

17. at night, the swarms disperse.

18. The delegates disperse.

19. Birds also help disperse seed.

20. Rodents disperse the seeds.

21. Currents then disperse the larvae.

22. disperse the meeting!"

23. disperse on route."

24. disperse the meeting!"

25. They then disperse widely.

26. The crowd did not disperse.

27. The Sioux disperse.

28. Animals disperse the seeds.

29. and to disperse the crowd.

30. thee their poesy disperse.