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No. sentence
1 Moreover, by failing to account for the needs of disparate organizations within the enterprise, SOA without governance becomes yet another stovepipe application.
2 I contend that exactly the opposite is true — the more disparate your organization is, the more you need to be acting on centralizing the build and release process.
3 PODS implementation is a good example of how an SOA enables disparate applications to use essential services- in this case, services for accessing patient information.
4 Instead those disparate groups of discontented Iranians united behind the main challenger, Mr Mousavi.
5 a disparate coalition of forces united only in its desire to oust the then President, Thabo Mbeki, he has never had a base of his own.
6 A grand design that purports to unite disparate elements.
7 Someone shouted, and the disparate lights gathered like sparks of a fire returning to their source.
8 This article focuses on helping you surmount some of the more difficult problems associated with disparate hardware setup.
9 Such communities reflect an organization's ability to help groups of disparate and geographically dispersed users come together for a project, collaborate, produce a deliverable, and then disband.
10 This initial step in all creation consists in the establishment of a new unity from disparate elements, of order out of disorder, of shape from what was formless.
11 If you can link the data together in a meaningful way, you would be able to discover relationships between these seemingly disparate data.
12 It also defines and leverages common industry semantics as the language for helping to simplify interoperability between disparate systems.
13 Exeros technology automatically uncovers hidden relationships between databases, helping users make sense of disparate sources without the labor-intensive process of manually mapping data.
14 Data mediators provide the glue layer between disparate data sources and a unified data access API used by the client application.
15 This content can be aggragated from disparate systems, or it could be pulled from a centralized content repository.
16 Mergers and acquisitions among companies and organizations often require data and application architects to integrate disparate data sources into a unified view of the data.
17 thread that connects these disparate places is the fear that basic supplies of land, water and fuel might soon not be available or affordable.
18 As projects encompass more and more disparate functionality, you'll need to know the associated frameworks and libraries more deeply.
19 This logically constructed topic space allows disparate groups of subscribers to create subscriptions that deliver only messages of interest.
20 When the data consolidation pattern is applied, the disparate data is consolidated into a single place, which is then exposed through a financial dashboard.
21 Others would claim that woe was sure to befall such a disparate currency union sooner or later: if not Greece, then some other weak member of the club would have been the cause.
22 Derived from disparate IT resources (e.g. legacy systems, custom applications, ISV systems, third party services).
23 But like human detectives, these software sleuths follow logical rules and combine disparate pieces of data-and there is something curiously fascinating about the way they work.
24 accurate communication among disparate teams is critical to controlling project timelines, risks and costs.
25 In most organizations assets are scattered and siloed in disparate, heterogeneous systems.
26 Redundant and sometimes contradictory information stored in disparate databases, which can lead to reporting of erroneous results and faulty business decisions.
27 The method will allow researchers to investigate the mechanics of other promoters, as well as disparate phenomena such as the pulsing of hormones produced by the endocrine system.
28 with family reunions becoming less frequent events over the years, there is now the added pressure of getting just one chance to get it all right. "Families are much more disparate now."
29 Working with disparate systems is a common theme in most organizations, but different systems can be problematic when you're maintaining enterprise directories.
30 If you have disparate incomes it benefits you tax-wise to get hitched.