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No. sentence
1 She just laughed and dismissed the question as unimportant.
2 His theory was immediately ridiculed and largely dismissed.
3 She dismissed doubts from her mind.
4 Others dismissed it as having been "written in a private memo style".
5 The boss dismissed the employee.
6 The proposal was summarily dismissed.
7 At the first trial in 1998, expert witnesses dismissed her lawyers' claims that surgery for a brain tumour had changed her personality.
8 Because it doesn't make logical sense on the surface, skunk poking notwithstanding, it tends to get dismissed.
9 From a cursory, modernist perspective, traditional medical knowledge might be dismissed as a relic of antiquated cultures, bereft of the intellectual illumination of the Age of Enlightenment.
10 The valuable lessons learned therefrom should not be arbitrarily dismissed, but should instead be treasured.
11 Chevron also notes that in 2007 a California court dismissed as fabricated some individual claims that the pollution caused cancers; it fined one of the plaintiffs’ lawyers for this.
12 She asked the turnpike-keeper if she might deposit her things at his house for a while, and, on his offering no objection, she dismissed her carriage, and went on to the village alone by a back lane.
13 Javert drew four napoleons from his pocket and dismissed the carriage.
14 Napoleon dismissed Britain as a nation of shopkeepers, but its emerging might as a trading power helped fight him off.
15 Christie's fictional sleuth is often dismissed as scatterbrained, but she is actually a shrewd judge of character and harbors deep knowledge of the dark side of human nature.
16 John was dismissed for insubordination.
17 Lily was dismissed from the bank for cooking the books.
18 When the White House dismissed my suggestion out of hand, I should have known we were in for a long, rough ride.
19 After much struggle, we are dismissed... often because we need to attend another meeting concerning another issue.
20 Defense lawyers had sought to have the case dismissed, arguing that the law banning corporate contributions was itself unconstitutional in light of Citizens United.
21 S. courts. That suit, filed in New York in 1993, was eventually dismissed, but it paved the way for the current suit, filed in Ecuador in 2003.
22 QPR midfielder Joey Barton has insisted that Arsenal attempted to sign him in the summer, after seeing his claims dismissed by Gunners chairman Peter Hill-Wood.
23 The Cathars considered themselves true Christians and dismissed the Catholic Church as a pack of hypocrites and crooks.
24 The guy called Steve dismissed the netbook as just a cheap laptop that doesn't do much.
25 The Republican leader in the Senate, Mitch McConnell, dismissed Obama's jobs plans as retreads.
26 The following ten creatures were once dismissed by science as products of folklore, imagination, or deception, but are now formally recognized as their own species.
27 possibility of a last-ditch resistance by the enemy should not be dismissed.
28 Conspiracy theories are often dismissed as a harmless irritation.
29 Bombay High Court reaffirmed this on Thursday when it dismissed a PIL that had challenged astrology as science.
30 Such software, the underlying recipe for which is created by volunteers and distributed free online, was initially dismissed as the plaything of nerdy hobbyists.