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1 What role, for example, had Jews played in the Polish monarchy before its dismemberment in 1795?
2 EARLIER today the European Court of Human Rights delivered its long-awaited ruling on the dismemberment of Yukos, once Russia’s largest oil company, which was liquidated in 2007.
3 variable forms, it also involved dismemberment i.e cutting, tearing, pulling, wrenching or otherwise removing, the limbs of the condemned.
4 In Belgrade, the mood is bleak. Serbs have tasted defeat many times over the past twenty years, during the slow and painful dismemberment of Yugoslavia, but few moments will hurt as much as this one.
5 Although most Turks support the government's initiative, many share the opposition's suspicions that the PKK is engaged in salami tactics that may lead to the dismemberment of Turkey.
6 The Yukos dismemberment was their victory.
7 's bosses clearly preferred a deal with Barclays, which would have kept the institution largely intact and its headquarters in the Netherlands, to dismemberment by the consortium.
8 The FDIC may have special powers but it only allowed one biggish dismemberment during the crisis, that of Washington Mutual.
9 After Yukos's dismemberment, we advised investors not to buy Rosneft's shares when it was allowed to list on the London Stock Exchange.
10 The Accidental Death and Dismemberment benefit is deleted during the course of the activity.
11 Lately period, the process of Chinese literature changes much, there's not only the wildly hot attitude to literature, but also the dismemberment behavior of literature.
12 Lacking the vulnerable vital organs of most humanoids, a Gen 'dai could sustain multiple lacerations and even, it is rumored, complete dismemberment and yet still survive.
13 Hill, the mummies are everywhere, the skeleton was dismemberment of the body, the legs of the trip at any time great thick wool fabric and wood debris.
14 Most human victims succumb to drowning long before dismemberment and consumption take place.
15 The Benefit is based on your age at time of Death or Dismemberment.
16 And that's good news for the Mayor Clapp, unless he was trying to show his support for Google's dismemberment benefits.
17 Later, others watched the shark's dismemberment.
18 We will pay the insured a lump sum payment in the event of a death, burns or dismemberment as a result of an accident.
19 Another 40 people to stay if wood chicken sat up in bed and a pair of letting catastrophizing dismemberment...
20 The dismemberment of the French socialist movement into many groups and the execution and exile of many Communards to penal colonies following the suppression of the Paris Commune favoured individualist political expression and acts.
21 The literary testimony of Actaeon's myth is largely lost, but Lamar Ronald Lacy, deconstructing the myth elements in what survives and supplementing it by iconographic evidence in late vase-painting, made a plausible reconstruction of an ancient Actaeon myth that Greek poets may have inherited and subjected to expansion and dismemberment.
22 Again in Tanzania and Burundi in 2010, the murder and dismemberment of a kidnapped albino child was reported from the courts, as part of a continuing problem.
23 his work was derived from 16th-century French texts and early English writers also used the words "extirpation" (16th-century French texts tended to use extirper), "disarticulation", and "dismemberment" (from the Old French desmembrer and a more common term before the 17th century for limb loss or removal), or simply "cutting", but by the end of the 17th century "amputation" had come to dominate as the accepted medical term.
24 During his brief reign, Columbus executed Spanish colonists for minor crimes, and used dismemberment as another form of punishment.
25 However, some scholars argue that although post-mortem dismemberment was the practice during funeral rites, cannibalism was not.
26 In 2008, a British model called Anthony Morley was imprisoned for the killing, dismemberment and partial cannibalisation of his lover, magazine executive Damian Oldfield.
27 In 2008, Empire magazine included Evil Dead II on their list of The 500 Greatest Movies of All Time, ranked #49. J.C. Maçek III of PopMatters wrote, "Equal parts remake and sequel, the second film brought back Bruce Campbell as Ash and was every bit as gory and horrific as the first film with more tree rape and dismemberment and blood splatters than ever.
28 2006 saw the dismemberment of the GANA in the face of the 2007 elections.
29 This was followed years later by Eric Clinton Kirk Newman's (known now as Luka Rocco Magnotta) video "1 Lunatic 1 Icepick" in 2012—a video of Newman murdering Chinese student Jun Lin that contained dismemberment, cannibalism, and necrophilia and was posted on Bestgore.com.
30 After one of the Dnepropetrovsk Maniacs' videos leaked on the internet as "3 Guys 1 Hammer" in 2007, Eric Clinton Kirk Newman murdered Lin Jun, a Chinese student, and uploaded the video (including scenes of dismemberment, cannibalism, and necrophilia) under the similar title of "1 Lunatic 1 Icepick" in 2012.