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1 After hours of discussion, the committee let through his report.
2 No discussion about WSFL, however, can be complete without touching on one of its core features: recursive composition of business processes.
3 The products under discussion can support you at either end of these process and modeling continuums.
4 This discussion highlights both a strength and a problem with this book.
5 This discussion could be extended to include other equally important roles, such as project manager or tester, but for now, we will focus on the roles of the analyst, architect, and developer.
6 The settling way will hang on the outcome of our discussion.
7 Every one of Wikipedia's millions of edits, and all the discussion and talk pages associated with those edits, is available for inspection-along with billions of Usenet messages.
8 In all this discussion, moreover, we have so far omitted a central consideration.
9 Their discussion gradually rounded into a plan for ensuring safety in production.
10 The artist led off in the discussion on modern art.
11 The missions were a key topic for discussion this week at a meeting of the European agency's Industrial Policy Committee (IPC) - its "cheque writing" body.
12 In this case, the discussion should not be about agile development - that was our discussion ten years ago.
13 who was known to shrink from discussion, raised his eye-brows with an ironic grimace that warned the other of the watching damsel behind the lattice.
14 discussion as to what the battle should be called, hi the end it was named the battle of the Cowshed, since that was where the ambush had been sprung.
15 Everyone in my family is well educated, which is why simple dinner chit-chat usually segues into an exuberant discussion chock full of sarcasm, wit and the occasional clash of opinions.
16 The UK premier admits that this "will not always be a comfortable discussion but it is in my view an essential one".
17 Attendees would meet for lecture and discussion, and assignments would be worked on in between the classes.
18 The relative items in this report will be referred to the committee for discussion.
19 Yet a strange thing has happened to policy discussion: on both sides of the Atlantic, a consensus has emerged among movers and shakers that nothing can or should be done about jobs.
20 Humor doesn't dismiss a subject but rather often opens that subject up for discussion, especially when the subject is one that is not considered "fit" for public discussion.
21 I will also lump administration and monitoring tools together in this discussion because, at least for the administrators, the two functions have a lot of overlap.
22 Earlier this month, he hinted in Seattle that a back-channel discussion was already under way.
23 I start my discussion in this part with an information exchange scenario, which demonstrates the use of XML encryption.
24 We have already touched on the issue of harm in our discussion of trust.
25 But leftists in the Congress have blocked discussion of the proposal saying that it is an attempt to privatize the state-owned energy sector.
26 Their loud discussion took place in the union with an interested audience, until he finally stamped out in fury, still refusing to believe her.
27 But AOL brought online services, email, chat and discussion boards to the masses and thus educated a generation that paved the way for others.
28 Itll also help you learn to use the terms correctly in a sales presentation or requirements discussion.
29 's worse, the professors may think you are not prepared for the discussion or you do not have your own opinion on the issue — this is the last comment any graduate would like to receive.
30 detailed explanation of these two phases is beyond the scope of this discussion but will be covered in another article.