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discerning in a sentence

1. discerning what another person is thinking or feeling;

2. (Trefriw is a) genteel resort for discerning sybarites.

3. Walpole was a keen and discerning collector of art.

4. It's a title for discerning tastes, to say the least.″

5. Gentle and discerning reader!

6. they have a discerning feeling for violence and injustice;

7. The Chair is counted when discerning the presence of a quorum.

8. Their motto is "Dedicated to Developing Discerning Leaders."

9. A discerning person is like a poor money-changer.

10. He is a discerning advocate.

11. This extremely high praise came from a most discerning critic.

12. Gardiner was awarded The Discerning Eye ING Art Prize in 2013.

13. He draws huge gatherings of discerning listeners everywhere.

14. While discerning their course of action, the Rev.

15. a discerning public eager to see a good class of cricket;

16. The most discerning will not consider it an issue.

17. The painting is full of amazing details for the discerning eye.

18. a discerning audience won't find anything to cheer about.

19. The name "Vivekananda" meant "the bliss of discerning wisdom".

20. His was a complex character, cunning, cautious and discerning.

21. In November 2019, Murdoch won the ING Discerning Eye prize.

22. He became notable "for acts of discerning liberality".

23. He was also recognised as a discerning theatre and art critic;

24. Her father's job made him a discerning judge of furniture.

25. Andrew Louth, Discerning the Mystery.

26. But discerning him, she absconds together with.

27. He found her both wise and innocent, discerning and gentle.

28. The following are some major discerning features of Durinskia.

29. It's all up to you, discerning lord!"

30. Discerning particulars, particular features of a situation.