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1 What I hope to see in the future are games used not only for messaging around social change, but also inspiring direct action.
2 This should be based on a twin-track approach emphasizing direct action against hunger together with a focus on agricultural and rural development.
3 We have to pay attention to the direct action of insulin on the reproductive tract," he says.
4 If the component is enabled to work using either direct action or user interaction, then that decision can be left up to the application assembler.
5 Built-in stabilizers: relationships which reduce the amplitude of cyclical fluctuation in the economy without any direct action by government firms or individuals.
6 Conclusion: 1. Serum containing Gongliuqing showed a direct action of suppression on proliferation of hysteromyoma cells, which indicated hysteromyoma cells were target cells.
7 Western environmentalists brought up on direct action and confrontation might view the China's attempts to save the environment as wet and weak-kneed.
8 These direct and indirect actions are responsible for the well-known adverse effects of dosage with benzodiazepines.
9 Due to the development of educational theories which are all along behind educational practices, people neglect the direct action of educational theories and think pedagogy lacks actual effects.
10 development of a direct action Safety interlock device controlled by using machine and electricity is introduced.
11 recent teachings in Asia and North America, Dzongsar Khyentse Rinpoche has been urging his students to take simple, practical, and direct action to protect the earth and our environment.
12 Chromogranin a (CHGA) regulates the storage and release of catecholamines and may have direct actions on the microvasculature.
13 Husam Abboud of Establish Brazil, a company-formation specialist, is thinking of Brazilian-style direct action: simply trying to register an Eireli for a firm or a foreigner, and seeing what happens.
14 Indeed! The suffragettes started small with teashop talks but they began to take more militant – or aggressive – direct action.
15 Sometimes interrupted by Kool of prayer, he will have little weird, it even, more cheating is his second move Xiaoguai ah, do not read the direct action.
16 The basic principles of anarcho-syndicalism are direct action, workers' solidarity and workers' self-management.
17 On the other hand, other anarchist groups advocate direct action, a tactic which can include acts of sabotage or even acts of terrorism.
18 Anarchists commonly employ direct action.
19 As seen by anarchists, squatting is a way to regain urban space from the capitalist market, serving pragmatical needs and also being an exemplary direct action.
20 It could depict a critique of existing society and hierarchies, serve as a prefigurative tool to reflect the anarchist ideal society and even turn into a means of direct action such as in protests.
21 It is a "complex of related, research-based, instrumental methods which produce change or stability in specific cultural systems through the provision of data, initiation of direct action, and/or the formulation of policy".
22 He wanted to change its focus from litigation to direct action and public education.
23 Chicana/o communities have engaged in numerous forms of protest and direct action against the colonial education system, such as walkouts.
24 In the case of counter-terrorism, mitigation would include diplomacy, intelligence gathering and direct action against terrorist groups.
25 Albania (2007) Azerbaijan (2015) Bangladesh (2010) Belarus (2003) Bolivia (2008) Bosnia and Herzegovina (2011) Botswana (2012) Caribbean Community (2005) Chinese Taipei (2002) Costa Rica (2004) Cuba (2000) Ecuador (2000) Estonia (2005) Ethiopia (2018) Georgia (2008) Ghana (2009) Hong Kong (2000) Jamaica (2003) Kuwait (2018) Latvia (2001) Luxembourg (2014) Malta (2001) Mauritius (2010) Moldova (2007) Mongolia (2013) Namibia (2012) North Macedonia (2006) Oman (2012) Panama (2003) Paraguay (2009) Peru (2009) Philippines (2002) Qatar (2016) Seychelles (2010) Sri Lanka (2007) Sudan (2014) Syria (2012) Tanzania (2018) Uzbekistan (2018) Vietnam (2003) Zambia (2010) Zimbabwe (2010) The International Committee for Weights and Measures consists of eighteen persons, each of a different nationality elected by the General Conference on Weights and Measures (CGPM) whose principal task is to promote worldwide uniformity in units of measurement by taking direct action or by submitting proposals to the CGPM.
26 ETA grew out of a student group called Ekin, founded in the early 1950s, which published a magazine and undertook direct action.
27 Corradini spoke of the need for a nationalist-syndicalist movement, led by elitist aristocrats and anti-democrats who shared a revolutionary syndicalist commitment to direct action and a willingness to fight.
28 Fascism emphasizes direct action, including supporting the legitimacy of political violence, as a core part of its politics.
29 Sorel's emphasis on the need for overthrowing decadent liberal democracy and capitalism by the use of violence, direct action, general strikes and neo-Machiavellian appeals to emotion impressed Mussolini deeply.
30 With the land forces and reserve army engaged in direct action the Defence Force's most important task would be to construct trenches, bunkers and obstacles around strategically important areas and position themselves on systematically formed defensive lines.