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dips in a sentence

1. and ice creams, dips, and yogurts.

2. Dips and rotations are typical.

3. There are infinite varieties of dips.

4. Sour Cream dips at the Glen".

5. In the west the chalk dips down under marl.

6. Tostitos tortilla chips and dips;

7. Sour Cream Dips at The Glen.

8. Kiniya: 0-5446 / Morning dips, HEY!

9. Sour Cream Dips at The Glen.

10. Enthusiasts also call them dips and dippys.

11. Dips include baba ghanouj and tahini.

12. This is the DIPS ERA (dERA).

13. It also manufactured dips and juices.

14. Sour Cream Dips at The Glen).

15. dips and shakers.

16. Dips and rotations are frequent.

17. The train then violently dips downwards.

18. The rays also performs dips and jumps;

19. He spent three seasons with the Dips.

20. The Dips released him in January 1979.

21. It dips shallowly to the west.

22. DIPS may refer to:

23. “Never Tried” dips into post-punk.

24. He spent two seasons with the Dips.

25. The ground dips slightly to the south;

26. The end of the perch dips into a crank.

27. The formation dips 10 degrees to the west.

28. The basement dips westward.

29. Kukri Peneplain dips gently to the west.

30. He dips in and out of inventive flows."