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dim light in a sentence

1. Food is mostly selected by sight, even in conditions of dim light.

2. Large pupils are an adaptation to dim light.

3. On land, pinnipeds are near-sighted in dim light.

4. He sees a figure running away in the dim light.

5. i.e. in dim light.

6. This is known as dim-light melatonin onset, DLMO.

7. Cones distinguish colors but are less sensitive to dim light.

8. First, a dim light is presented at a particular location.


10. It follows 1995's Let Your Dim Light Shine.

11. The humidity and dim light induced the products to be deficient.

12. Also they need places to hide and keep a dim light.

13. it is night, rain is falling in the dim light.

14. To add to the problem this lighthouse was known for its dim light.

15. Dim light can affect entrainment relative to darkness.

16. Brighter light is more effective than dim light.

17. This part of the building has only very dim light in a central part.

18. Perforated windows bring dim light into the inner mantapa.

19. Cones distinguish colors but are less sensitive to dim light.

20. The fish prefers a heavily planted aquarium with dim light.

21. Its adaptations to dim light have been well studied.

22. Derived from the liner notes of In A Dim Light.

23. The lamp threw out a dim light.

24. dim light squeezing through the door, she watched him startle.

25. Even in the dim light the equipment looked old and timeworn.

26. By the dim light, you study his kind and fatherly face.

27. She seethe Outlines of the trees in the dim light.

28. Then, for two weeks, the roosters lived in constant dim light.

29. Dusk silently palely gets down, dim light of night heavy floats.

30. Donwit work in dim light.